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Dreamcatcher - What

It’s been just past four months since Dreamcatcher’s last comeback in May of this year. As a longtime fan of the group, I keep finding myself digging deeper and deeper into the hole of no return, and I don’t really know that I could ever do a Dreamcatcher review that wasn’t at least somewhat biased. So heading into this review, I tried to assuage my preconceptions and just review this comeback as level-headed as I could possibly muster. And I’ll be the first to admit that my attempt failed near instantly.

The now standard introduction of piano descending into their emblematic rock sound is here once again, though this time it’s accompanied with the consistent stringed hook of the song. The combination of the violin and the much heavier, power chords of heavier guitar present a meeting of ideas that cropped up in “YOU AND I” as well, though this time the strings provide the main thrust of the song and give a new edge to the group’s staple sound.



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