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Cherry Bullet - Q&A

Cherry Bullet is a brand new eleven-member girl group coming out of FNC Entertainment. While FNC Entertainment isn’t exactly new to housing multiple groups, this is only the second girl group they’ve debuted. With AOA sort of starting to lose steam, it makes sense to me that they’d be pushing out a new group, but I was curious to see what they would do to keep their identities separate. From the teasers (as well as the group’s name), it seemed as though they were intending to jump on board with the girl crush concept, so I jumped into this video with excitement to see what their take on it would be like.

Thumping bass guitar snaps and a quick, simple repeat of drum patterns keep this song favorably on the side of being upbeat and energizing. Coupled with some addictive vocal melodies, this song definitely has a recipe for a great pop track. The first verse draws you in immediately, though unfortunately for myself the rest of the song doesn’t quite manage to keep the same appeal. The pre-chorus in particularly felt a little too disjointed, and the bridge is pretty much just an extension of that rather awkward breakaway. The chorus is a mixed bag for me, too. It’s definitely a catchy hook, don’t get me wrong, but hearing “da da da da” so much feels a little too cheap for my own tastes. Thankfully they did spice that section up more than the teasers let on, though. (Okay, that part is insanely catchy, yes. It’s stuck in my head, yes. But I still think it feels a bit cheap!)

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