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JENNIE is one of the members of the group BLACKPINK, a four-piece girl group under YG Entertainment. It’s been sort of a roller coaster ride for the girls, and now we have another loop for them to go through - a rather sudden and bizarre choice to have JENNIE debut as a solo act. I think I was just as confused as everybody else by this decision, though I don’t know that I care much one way or another. It’s music - if it’s good and I enjoy it, I don’t really care who makes the song. That being said, the teasers leading up to this release basically gave away no information at all, and I decided it was best to just go into it expecting a song with different vibes than BLACKPINK.

Well, I’m not sure that this is what I was expecting or wanting from a JENNIE solo debut. If I’m speaking honestly, my opinion on JENNIE within BLACKPINK is that she has the most charisma in the group for me, and her ability to translate that with stage presence is unrivaled by her fellow members. (Yes, Lisa is a close second.) That being said, I really wish that they would have used this song and opportunity to push on that energy, and have something much more bold and daring that would have suited her and stood out.


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11.12       JENNIE - SOLO


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