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ONEW - Blue

ONEW is apparently next on SM’s list of solo debuts to give out this year, making him the second-to-last SHINee member to do such, and leaving poor MINHO as the final piece (If MINHO ever decides to a solo debut, because he has mentioned in the past that he doesn’t feel that he is strong enough on his to do such.) Sadly I didn’t really have any time to get caught up on what all ONEW had teased for this release, so I didn’t know what to expect in any sense. I just went in with high expectations since he’s a member coming out of one of my all-time favorite boy groups.

I think that we all knew that ONEW was a more than capable vocalist, but “Blue” thrusts his underappreciated and often underutilized vocals directly into the spotlight. If you’re a fan of tracks that can afflict you with heart-wrenching pain just from the raw emotion and surging energy behind every little bit and piece, this is a song that absolutely delivers. It’s such a graceful and superb performance from ONEW, but the instrumentals play a crucial supplementary role that undeniably adds extra weight to heavy throws of the song.


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