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John Legend X WENDY - Written in the Stars

I normally have a rule that I don’t review SM STATION tracks, but when SM slapped me in the face with some kind of bizarre alternate reality where somehow we were going to hear a duet from John Legend and WENDY.. How could I even think to resist? Even just on paper it sounds incredible, both in terms of having more Western artists coming to the table for collaborations and in terms of the two artists in question. The teasers leading up to this were nerve-wrackingly fantastical, and I woke up this morning more than eager to dig into this release.

Okay so I think that everybody and their mother expected this collaboration to be one that would melt people into jello with how beautiful the vocal harmonies would be. And even still I managed to find myself swooning uncontrollably. Whoever it was that came up with this collaboration deserves and needs a raise. Like immediately.



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