APRIL - The Blue


Release Date: March 12th, 2018
Label: DSP Media
Genre: Dance/Pop/R&B
Length: 6 Songs/20:35


01. 파랑새 (The Blue Bird) {6/10}
If you want to check out my full thoughts on “The Blue Bird,” I’ve got a full write-up on it here. The short of it is that I thought the song was okay, but just didn’t really do much to grab your attention and keep you interested.

02. BEEP {8.5/10}
In comparison to the title track for this album, “BEEP” takes several more risks and tries much more on the experimental side for APRIL. There’s a great variety of instruments and sounds used in the backdrop, and the pacing of the vocal melodies is kinetic and ever-shifting, but never frantic. It packs energy in an intriguing way during the chorus but it’s balanced out with the progressions in the verses so it’s not overwhelming. I really enjoyed the entire pre-chorus section and I think that this was likely supposed to be a song competing to be the title track. In my personal opinion, this would have done fantastic as the lead single.

03. Angel Song {8/10}
This song felt like something you might find as a b-side on a GFRIEND album, though that’s certainly not a negative. The upbeat nature of it all has a very different vibe than the two songs that had just preceded it, and it brings the album a different sound to vary things up as well. I liked how the song proceeds with some gentle background vocals blended behind some horns, and having the piano as a main focal for the instrumental seems like it worked out pretty well to drive this track forward. Unfortunately, this is the type of song that you feel you’ve heard before, though, and there’s not too much special going on this track to really make you cling onto it which keeps it from that extra bit of greatness for me.

04. 숨바꼭질 (Hide And Seek) {8.5/10} 
This track brings us back to the synth-heavy tones that K-pop is more familiar with. There’s a nice sense of progression and the build-up in this song, and instead of leading to some kind of abrasive drop, it results in a chorus that I can’t help but commend. It utilizes pumping bass, rolling electronic sounds, gentle piano cascades, and a straightforward one-two drum clap along with an irresistible vocal rhythm that draws you in. Whereas on paper that seems like there’s so much going on, in reality it all blends together in an extremely pleasing manner for one of the most unique songs imaginable.

05. 아쉬워 (What a Shame) {7/10} 
What’s a K-pop album without some kind of ballad song to round things out, right? Well, kind of. This song has a bit more to it than you might expect from the beginning verse. The chorus is actually quite uplifting and surprisingly energetic for a song that started off with as slow and dramatic as this one does, and it gives the song a nice little edge that keeps it at least somewhat fresh while it rolls some of that vigor into the following verse as well. I don’t think that this is going to be a song that blows you away necessarily, but it’s also more than just a simple ballad filler track. By the end of this track, the way that this song fills out feels like a great conclusion to close out this album (if you don’t count the instrumental track that follows.)

06. 파랑새 (The Blue Bird)(Inst.) {N/10}
As is the case with all instrumental tracks, I’m not going to be reviewing or rating this.


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


This feels and sounds like more of a compilation of tracks than a cohesive album conceptually, but that doesn’t impact the effectiveness of any of the tracks individually. While I may not have been the biggest fan of the title track, I did find most of the b-sides to be more than serviceable and none of the tracks felt like they were included to simply fill out a quota. They were all going for something different and I think that they nailed most of the aspects they were aiming for. I think that people who might not even consider themselves fans of APRIL might find themselves digging a track or two from this mini.

Overall Score: 7.5/10