Release Date: February 20th, 2018
Label: SM Entertainment
Genre: Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop
Length: 7 Songs/24:12


01. ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT {9/10} 
If you haven't checked out my full thoughts on "ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT" already, you can see my review here. If you want the TL;DR of it, I thought that this was a very catchy and enjoyable title track.

This song has that lovely empty space throughout it, giving it a very airy atmosphere for the entire run. The instrumentation sounds like something Red Velvet could have played with on their last album, but BoA crafts it as her own with her unique vocal tone. I'm unsure if it's intentional or not, but there's a bit of instrumentation that sounds like a "Copy&Paste" throwback sound. It occurs at the tail end of the chorus, and it really through me for a nostalgic loop. Overall this song is clean and catchy without being overproduced. 

03. NEGA DOLA {8/10}
If you haven't checked out my full thoughts on "NEGA DOLA" already, you can see my review here. If you want the TL;DR of it, I thought it was decent, thought it lacked any real bite to it. I do want to note that this song fills in a spot on the album that serves as a break away from the synth style featured throughout the rest of it. 

04. YOUR SONG (Feat. Junoflo) {10/10} 
"YOUR SONG" has to be the most standout track on this entire album. There are some seriously heavy synths used here alongside trap-styled percussion and background vocals and it makes for a dark, moody style that I don't think BoA's dipped into before. The chorus drops that for a short while, but progresses right back into it for that postchorus hook. Admittedly, I do think that the hook is a bit cheesy, but it's still addictive. Junoflo's feature on this song makes sense and BoA's buildup during the pre-chorus is probably my favorite part of this track, but honestly I fell in love with this song as a whole on my first listen. 

05. RECOLLECTION {10/10} 
This song doesn't have quite the typical style of synth that you think of when you think retro, but it still dips heavily into that feel. The pre-chorus here is a brief and lovely pause with a heavenly climate while BoA's vocals reign supreme, and then we snap right into that amazing chorus. I don't remember the last time I felt like a song clicked together this damn well. There's such an incredible flow through this song and it feels more cohesive than anything I can recall from the past few years. Those short instrumental pauses while BoA sings during the chorus feel fantastic, especially with how those drums crash back in, and the funky guitar is layered excellently for that entire portion. That last stretch having a guitar solo only completes my fascination and adoration for this track, and cements it as my favorite on this album.

06. ALWAYS, ALL WAYS (Feat. Chancellor) {8.5/10} 
This song starts off with a subtler touch of that heavy bass, though it quickly drops out as the first verse starts. It comes pounding back soon enough, mixing with the drums and giving us a punchy sound that threatens to drown out the vocals at times. It's done on purpose here and that's clear, and it works because of the way the vocal melodies are played out. Chancellor provided some excellent complimentary vocals on this track for BoA, and I really appreciated that there was a second voice here. It added texture and expanded on the song, pushing it just that extra inch to being great.

07. CAMO {9.5/10} 
The decision to include "CAMO" on this album was fantastic as it fits right in with its hefty synth sound. This was one of my favorite tracks of all of last year. Partly due to its more classic K-pop style, and partly due to the lovely progression of the song in general. The chorus is dangerously catchy and the buildup to it is just as superb. The verses don't just serve as a means to get to the other parts of the song, but they feel organic to the flow of it all. The orchestral horns briefly cropping up during that bridge were a lovely addition, and everything in this song just fits together. 


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT is BoA's first mini album, which is shocking to most as she's been around for the better half of almost two decades now. Still, this only adds to BoA's legend in the K-pop world. There's a wonderful attempt here on BoA's part to create new and interesting styles of music that she's not dabbled in before, and it worked out near flawlessly for her. For an artist of her status to still be around is one thing. To be creating modern, unique, and quality music is another. I highly recommend any K-pop fans to check out this album and get a lesson on why BoA is often posted up on a pedestal by today's popular acts.

Overall Score: 9/10