CHUNG HA - Offset


Release Date: January 17th, 2018
Label: M&H Entertainment
Genre: Dance/Pop/Ballad
Length: 5 Songs/15:24


01. Offset {N/10}
It’s an intro song that’s barely clocking in over a minute, so I don’t really have much to say on this one. I don’t really know that it gets you into the tonal mindset for the rest of the album, either.

02. Roller Coaster {9.5/10}
If you want my full thoughts on this song, be sure to check out my lengthy review here.

03. Do It {8.5/10}
This track manages to show how CHUNG HA’s vocals were a massive impact even alongside her fellow members of of I.O.I. The whole chorus has a similar feel to “Whatta Man“ because of her powerful deliveries in both tracks, and it’s kind of crazy that it reminds you of that even while she’s here on her own. The reggae influence over this track is countered by the deep banging drums in a really pleasant way. Even though the whole track has these intriguing instrumentals, you’re always being led and directed by her voice which is a feat that’s both impressive and wondrous. The whole track is oozing of charisma and energy, which is pretty much exactly how I would describe CHUNG HA, so this track is very her.

04. Bad Boy {8/10} 
Before I review this track, yes I’ve heard of the plagiarism accusations. I agree that the intro to this song is much too similar to Golden Child’s “With Me.” I don’t know if it is ever going to be a resolved issue or not, or if it will just be swept under the rug, but never go after the artist, always go after the producer/writer or the company that made the decisions.

This song has a pretty harsh departure from the tracks prior to it, featuring a more upbeat swing-styled set of instrumentation. It’s a lot more of a fun approach to things that isn’t present anywhere else on this album, and it’s a nice breakaway without being too ridiculous to break the general atmosphere that’s been present to this point. The bouncy bass juxtaposed against the piano and energetic horns works better than one would expect, and this song is just such a refreshing idea overall. It’s not my favorite track from CHUNG HA, but conceptually it’s invigorating and it’s executed damn well. The vocal melody is easy to get caught up in and I really love so many of the smaller details throughout this one.

05. 너의 온도 (Remind of You) {7/10} 
This song serves as the semi-mandatory ballad on an album, though I don’t mean to say that it’s average or lackluster. I actually like this track, though I think that the emotional weight of it isn’t has impactful as I need them to be for me to really fall in love with a ballad. Still, CHUNG HA delivers a beautiful performance in this song and there’s definitely some poignant vocals here. The instrumentals, as is the case with a majority of ballads, are kept simple and tame, allowing her voice to shine and shine it does. I think that CHUNG HA has the potential to do these types of songs without a doubt, and I hope to hear more impassioned ballads from her in the future.


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


Offset is a great selection of songs that manage to show off CHUNG HA’s personality and charms through nothing but the music alone. I do feel that the album feels a little chaotic in terms of the massive gaps in variety presented, but there’s still a sense of rationality that links them all together and makes it all feel congruent (aside from maybe “Offset,” ironically). CHUNG HA continues to impress me with each of her releases and it only gets me more and more excited to see what she’ll do in the future.

Overall Score: 8/10