Release Date: February 22nd, 2018
Label: Cube Entertainment
Genre: Dance/Pop/Hip Hop/Electronica
Length: 5 Songs/16:35


01. BLACK DRESS {9.5/10}
If you want to check out my full thoughts on this track, you can read them here. Basically, I was in love with this song and incredibly happy that they managed to fuse their personal charms and a mix of genres in an unbelievably pleasing manner.

02. Like That {7.5/10}
This track starts off as a pretty harsh shift away from “BLACK DRESS,” but it quickly brings things into a more coherent perspective as the verse starts with that dark, heavy bass. There’s a lot going on here with the fluctuating synths, modified vocals, washed out whistling, aggressive raps, and ever-changing drum patterns, and it definitely makes for an interesting backdrop. However, this track, sadly, features what I find to be an incredibly lackluster chorus. The whole drop with the synthetic-styled “like that” vocal just really doesn’t do it as much as the rest of the song does for me, and it ultimately left me wanting more.

03. Distance {9/10}
This song has a gorgeous arrangement of instruments. The piano chords add a depth and gravity to the whole thing while the guitar helps to sprinkle in a somber, hollow feeling throughout. On top of all of that, and most importantly, the vocals of this song are excellent. The more innocent delivery from Yujin played off against Sorn’s tone of desperation paints a painful picture without any lyrical knowledge whatsoever. The chorus is catchy even with its rather wistful atmosphere, and I just don’t know what else I can say about this song to sell it to you. It’s such a beautiful track that deserves more attention than it will ever get.

04. To the Sky {7/10} 
This song is a bit of hit and miss for myself. On the one hand, I like how energetic and upbeat it is, and I think that concept actually lines up really well with CLC’s initial styling that had me falling in love with them to begin with. On the other, it doesn’t really have any particular flair to it that screams CLC and makes it into a song that I couldn’t imagine another group performing. In terms of its place on the album, it’s definitely a massive departure from the other tracks, and it is a little out of place, but it sort of works as a track that jumbles things up in a fun way.

05. 7th {8/10} 
The final track for this album is a mid-tempo semi-ballad, though it has a more tropical theme to it overall. It’s a song that makes you think of a nice little island vacation. I do think that this track felt a little bit more like filler than anything else, though. I think this song has the most focus on the girls’ vocals on the album, even if it’s not a full showing of just what all they are capable of. And if I’m being honest, the vocals in this song kind of do make me melt more than I’d like to admit. This is exactly the type of song that I really enjoy to hear on an album, and I’m really happy for its inclusion even if it does come off as more standard than anything else.


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


This certainly isn’t my absolute favorite CLC mini-album, but at the same time, I’m pretty pleased with it overall. There’s a nice presentation in each of these songs, and I think that the variety of styles and approaches to each of them are a good exhibition of CLC’s talent. It’s not a secret that the group isn’t exactly the most appreciated, but I think that this album makes a good argument as to why that shouldn’t be the case.

Overall Score: 8/10