Dreamcatcher - Alone In The City


Release Date: September 20th, 2018
Label: Happyface Entertainment
Genre: Rock/Pop
Length: 6 Songs/17:31


01. Intro {N/10}
Dreamcatcher’s intro songs on their albums are always spectacular, but damn this one blows the others out of the water. I wish that the rest of the album lived up to the genre blending that was promised in this track, though.

02. What {9.5/10}
The title track of this album, and an epic, thrilling track that I think will have me fawning for a while. You can check out my full thoughts on this song and its music video here.

03. Wonderland {8/10}
This is one of the few times that Dreamcatcher breaks away from their hard-hitting rock effects and verge into new territory. This is also one of the slowest tracks that they’ve delivered, especially if you take away ballads out of the mix as they’re almost by definition slow. The elasticity of the synths in this song give it a lot of pop and flare, but I think that it’s basically undeniable that the vocals take control and drive this song almost entirely. They’re much softer and more velvety than we’ve gotten from the group in the past, and they present a whole new level of alluring that I’m hopeful to see more of in the future. Overall the song is solid, but nothing about it really sticks after its over.

04. Trap {9/10} 
Holy mother of disgustingly sick starts to songs! I don’t think I’ll ever not get goosebumps from that initial shift in the song. That aside, this is a lot more instrumentally barren throughout the verses than I expected, but then we get these adrenaline-building drums in the pre-chorus that are just divine. I’ll admit that I wish the chorus had more of that gritty electric guitar that we started with, but the chorus we ended up with is great, too. Those pulsing distortions with glorious belting vocals overhead are glorious, and while it’s not quite the drop or punch that I was expecting, I still absolutely loved it. The one big thing that kills this track for me is Dami’s rap. It in itself isn’t terrible, but it’s a lot slower than I think it should have been, and that last part where it basically sounds like a poor amplification of her voice just didn’t work for me. Even still, this perseveres as a powerful anthem and a great showing of what all Dreamcatcher is capable of.

05. 약속해 우리 (July 7th) {8.5/10} 
In terms of experimenting with new styles and sounds, this track has to be the furthest that Dreamcatcher has detached themselves from their mainstay electric guitars. This song is dominated with reggae overtones and I absolutely loved it. The whistle bit didn’t really do much for me personally, but I didn’t hate it, either. The vocal melody is easily the most attractive part of this song, filled with interesting tempo shifts and a solid combination of sensual, breathy presentations as well as softer-landing punches throughout the chorus. I like this song a lot, and it checks off a lot of my own personal likings in general, but I couldn’t help but feel that this song was just missing a little bit of extra bite to keep me hooked.

06. What (Inst.) {N/10} 
As is the case with all instrumental tracks, I’m not going to be reviewing or rating this.


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


This album is the most experimental that we’ve seen Dreamcatcher get yet, featuring a wide mixing of genres and ideas that ultimately form a solid package of excellence and quality. While there is a certain lack of coherence in theme or ideas for the album as a whole, the collection of songs serves as a stepping stone and possibly a glimpse of what is soon to come from the group in the future, hopefully even as title tracks.

Overall Score: 9/10