fromis_9 - To. Day


Release Date: June 6th, 2018
Label: Stone Music Entertainment
Genre: Dance/Pop/R&B
Length: 6 Songs/18:36


01. 다가가고 싶어 (Want to Get Closer) {N/10}
While there are shades of instrumentally interesting sections, and even slight hints at what kinds of things to expect on the album, this is definitely not a song, so I won’t be scoring it.

02. 너를 따라, 너에게 (Follow You, To You) {7.5/10}
The first true song on this album kicks off with youthful bombastic energy, tossing you straight into the thick of things. The snappy bass guitar is a little bit too muted for me to truly enjoy, which is just a little unfortunate, but in general the song has a fun atmosphere. There’s nothing that really stuck out to me as being overly incredible here, but there are definitely a lot of smaller pieces to enjoy throughout it. I also quite enjoyed the combination of funkier instrumentals with the brighter, cheery synths and vocals, though. In total the song is fine, but I don’t think makes enough of an impact to be lasting.

03. 두근두근 (DKDK) {10/10}
If you want a lengthier, detailed explanation of my thoughts, check out my full review of the MV here. A shorter explanation is that this song has grown on me more and more upon each listen, and it’s impossibly addictive to the point that I don’t know how else to score it.

04. 22세기 소녀 (22nd Century Girl) {10/10} 
This is what I would consider to be an absolute gem of a b-side. Everything from the range of instrumentals to general flow of the song, right down to every single vocal performance on this track feels perfectly tuned. The chorus is so interesting in how it progresses and the falsetto notes are wonderful. Somehow this song makes the verses just as interesting, if not moreso, than the refrain, and I don’t know that there’s a point in this song where things feel as though they’re slogging. Instead it feels like a full journey complete with magical elements and dreamy atmosphere. If there’s anything negative about this song, it’s that it isn’t ever going to see the appreciation it deserves. (Including from me, stupidly forgetting to put it on my favorite songs of April.)

05. CLOVER {7/10} 
This is the only track on the album that I think lines up with a more typical, almost stereotyped type of song. The pre-chorus saves it from being a complete wash, but in general there’s not much for me to really latch onto here. Things proceed as expected and while the vocals definitely shine here in this song more than do elsewhere on the album, I can’t say that the song is all that engaging to listen to. It’s not a bad song by any means, either, though. I just prefer my songs to have a little more to them than standard practices.

06. FIRST LOVE {8/10} 
As the final track on the album, I do love this song’s placement. Personally I would have thought that “CLOVER” would have been a more typical closing song, but having “FIRST LOVE” in the spot pulls us back to a much brighter tone overall. It’s got a more homely set of instrumentals in total, nothing hitting too hard or too soft in total. The vocal melody is cute and catchy enough, and while I think that the hook is just a tad silly, it’s definitely easy to sing along with. I wish that there was a little bit more variation in this song to break up the sound just a little, but it’s a short enough track that it’s not too big of a dealbreaker. Overall, the song is solid, but it misses that little bit extra that could push it to the next level for me.


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


To. Day is a fine album with a couple of songs that wholly deliver on what I would consider to be fromis_9’s strengths. The album doesn’t feel disruptive when moving from one song to another, though there is a sort of lack of overall theme that ties them together. Still, each song has its own merits, and the fact that each brings a very different vibe out from the girls is exhibition of their ability to push into various styles of music. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend that you listen to this album, especially if you’re looking for something just a tad out of the ordinary for girl groups.

Overall Score: 8.5/10