Release Date: January 3rd, 2018
Label: MLD Entertainment
Genre: Dance/Pop
Length: 6 Songs/16:30


01. 뿜뿜 (BBoom BBoom) {10/10}
There’s no doubt that “BBoom BBoom” is a song that has catapulted MOMOLAND into the spotlight. You can check out my full review here, but the long story short is that BBoom BBoom is one of my favorite overall K-pop tracks to come out in a long time.

02. 궁금해 (Curious) {8/10}
At first this song starts off sounding like it might just be one of those typical side tracks that you hear on just about every album. You know the one that just sounds like a filler song. But “Curious” sets itself apart when the pre-chorus rolls around. It shifts away from those somewhat flat acoustic guitar plucks and settles into a synth-heavy, mid-tempo groove that meshes incredibly well with the prior instrumentation. The rolling percussion reminiscent of a marching band leading up to the chorus is great, too, but honestly the really dark, heavy tones of synthesizer pull this track up from being simple and played out, and make it into a really nice twist that isn’t too overwhelming on the ears.

03. Same Same {8.5/10}
This song has a bigger focus on a little more of a funky disco atmosphere, but it works pretty damn well. The slapping drums in tandem with the bouncy low synth notes is fantastic, and they’re balanced out neatly by the twinkling higher tones. There’s a nice contrast that ultimately feels satisfying, and just like “Curious,” this song doesn’t push it overboard and make you feel like you’re completely submerged with noise at every possible opportunity. The rap verse in this track flows impressively smoothly. I don’t think this song will quite have you dancing so much as swaying, but that’s a great atmosphere within its own right.

04. Fly {9/10} 
”Fly” is another fantastic EDM-centric track from MOMOLAND, and there is just so much to love about this track. Ahin’s voice sounds so damn perfect for a track like this, and she absolutely rocks the chorus for this track along with JooE. The instrumentals behind this track are fun and playful, keeping the whole track feeling lively underneath cleanly executed vocals on behalf of every member. There’s even a brief rap section that doesn’t detract away from the general vibe even though it introduces a quick cut to some trap-styled bass and drums. My biggest issue with this track is the line distribution. Seriously, Yeonwoo is basically absent from this track. Other than that, though, I just absolutely love this song. I don’t think it’s something that could have worked as a title track, but it’s such a great choice for a b-side.

05. 뿜뿜 (BBoom BBoom (Inst.) {N/10}  
As is the case with all instrumental tracks, I’m not going to be reviewing or rating this.

06. 어마어마해 (Wonderful Love) (EDM Ver.) (Inst.) {N/10} 
As is the case with all instrumental tracks, I’m not going to be reviewing or rating this. However, since this is a track from last year and one of my personal favorites from MOMOLAND, I will highly recommend that you at least go and check out the regular version. It’s GREAT! (See what I did there? Clever, I know.)


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


GREAT! is a wonderful mini-album from MOMOLAND, delving much more into a funky, electronic side that we first saw potential for in “어기여차 (A Fuss)” from their debut album Welcome to MOMOLAND. Their prior two mini-albums had some tracks in a similar vein as well, but this is more of a compilation that has the idea flowing from start to finish in a cohesive, sensible manner that feels refreshing. This is an album that I have no doubt I’ll be revisiting often, and I really am excited for the group’s future from here on out.

Overall Score: 9/10