N.Flying -THE HOTTEST: N.Flying


Release Date: January 3rd, 2018
Label: FNC Entertainment
Genre: Rock
Length: 6 Songs/20:08


01. 그러니까 우리 (Don’t Forget This) {7.5/10}
The playful guitar rhythms sliding in at the start of the first verse really help to set the tone for this album. That in combination with the lively vocal melody pull the song along nicely. The piping synth in the background is something that I don’t know if I was entirely sold on, but it didn’t detract too much from the rest of the piece. Overall the song is solid, though I think the chorus is a little at odds with the more whimsical nature of the elements at play in the verses. It just feels like it dives into more of the serious territory than it needs to. Still, this song serves as a pretty fantastic kicker to start off with.

02. 뜨거운 감자 (Hot Potato) {9/10}
This the title track of this album, but it’s also the most in-your-face energy that this set of songs has to provide. If you’re interested in my full review of this track, you can find it here. If you want the short version of it, I love this song and its silly entertaining style. I think that in terms of its placement on this album, it’s a great track that pulls away from the opening, but it also has sparks of it here and there to keep things at least somewhat uniform.

03. 골목길에서 (Crossroad) {8/10}
This song is the first on the album to veer off the road of hyper-energetic, and it’s placed well on the set list to serve as a nice reprieve from the prior two tracks. The chorus of this track has this really nice kick to it, mostly attributed to the beautifully-executed increased focus on percussion. The last third of this song really pulls everything together underneath some powerful vocal deliveries, giving this track a lot more emotional pull than I was expecting. The raps that are placed throughout the rest of this track work out a lot better than one might think, too. I think that even though the instrumentals were on the simpler side than some of their other tracks, they used the opportunity perfectly to show off their talents as singers and rappers.

04. I Know U Know {7/10} 
This song is one of the best showings of N.Flying’s vocal capabilities to date. Those harmonies during the first verse are heavenly, and the entire second verse being a rap that seemed nonstop felt and sounded perfect. I’ll admit that the chorus kind of falls a bit more on the flat side for me, unfortunately, but those pieces definitely saved this track from being mediocre in my eyes. The high note towards the end sounds great and strong, too, letting this track finish out solidly. Instrumentally this track was a little more barren than I would have expected and liked, but much like “Crossroad” the group utilized it as space to exhibit vocal prowess instead.

05. 이보다 좋을까 (Can’t Be Better) {7.5/10} 
This is another track that falls on the slower side of things, but instead of simply going into a more ballad-styled route, N.Flying introduce a nice element of funk and groove into the mix with smooth guitar twangs and some popping bass rhythms. The little fade out right as the bridge starts as well as for the last run through the chorus was a refreshing touch, too. I think that the chorus itself was a bit of a letdown, however, and it didn’t really pull more on those funky tones enough to wow me. I like the softer vocal delivery overall, though, and it felt really nice to hear such a different style coming out of the group.

06. 딱 하루만 (Just One Day) {9/10} 
The ending to this album is an interesting meeting of ideas. The electric guitar comes back in full swing, serving as the main repeating hook (which sounds oddly like the one in “Today” by The Smashing Pumpkins) in the background of the first verse before the power chords come out brazenly for our chorus. I love the switching of styles entirely for the rap verse, and I think that incorporating this many different styles into a single song is such a dangerous idea that could fail horrendously, but instead it ended up as an incredible testament to N.Flying’s ability to fuse genres and elements together effortlessly. This is one of the coolest songs that I’ve heard from the group yet, and it was such a great note to end the album on.


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


THE HOTTEST: N.Flying is an interesting mix of songs that come together to form a melting pot of ideas, sounds, and styles. I think that the album is fairly cohesive, even though it could have been a stronger consistency overall. Even so, this mini-album is a solid showing from one of the most promising new rock groups to the scene. They should only be improving from this point onward, and I truly look forward to seeing them progress and improve as they move forward.

Overall Score: 8/10