Primary, Anda - Do worry Be happy


Release Date: April 3rd, 2018
Label: CJ E&M
Genre: Electronica
Length: 4 Songs/16:08


01. The open boat (Feat. colde) {9/10} 
I love how this song starts with a very cool gradual yet quick, fading buildup to the styling of the majority of the track. It almost instantly smacks you with 80's-era retro synth vibes, and Anda's breathy, echoing voice adds even more fabric to that airy atmosphere. I found the second verse so catchy with it's stuttering vocal pacing. The way that the bridge climbs and pauses before descending was interesting, and really just not what I was expecting. Sadly, colde's part seemed a bit awkward. It kind of ruined the flow, but thankfully it was short enough to glance over. Overall this track puts listeners into a very sublime mood which is a perfect start to the album. 

02. Zeppelin {9/10}
"Zeppelin" features a great use of percussion alongside funky guitar licks and popping bass notes to invoke a more classic, familiar style of Primary's music. That synth becomes more apparent and important in chorus section,and the constant slamming of the drums end up truly driving this song forward. Anda's vocals on this track absolutely pull it up from being good to being great. The song utilizes her voice excellently, and it almost feels like you're listening to two different singers when going from verse to chorus. I wish the funkiness expanded into the chorus, but perhaps it would have become a tiresome aspect if it did. Overall, "Zeppelin" is another fantastic track that keeps the nostalgic atmosphere going, while giving listeners a more upbeat feel.

03. Dressroom {10/10}
"Dressroom" hops us right back to that 80's synth style. The steady banging drum pattern carries over onto this track, though I did find it a bit saddening that the song didn't start with them as a way to continue from the previous track. The stammering synth behind the second verse was a nice, subtle touch that helped break up the consistent sound of the song without being overwhelming. However, where this song truly shines is when it slides into the chorus. That sharp, pained cry from Anda reverberating and that vocal effect merge to create one hell of an experimental vocal refrain. Similarly during the bridge, the climbing progression of Anda's vocals is gorgeous and engaging. The choice to have the song fade out with softer notes from the instruments and that single piano chord was fantastic as a contrast to the more urgent style of chorus and bridge. This song was perfect to me, and instantly became my favorite on the album.

04. 월명야 (月明夜) (Feat. 신세하) {9.5/10} 
The drumbeat is very different from the rest of the album here, and there's a droning, almost ghostly noise pulsing throughout the duration of the song. The funky guitar licks return, though this time they're accompanied by some really deep undulating bass synth. The combination was intriguing, though the weighty synth kind of masked the guitar at points. Xin Seha's feature works a lot better here than colde's did in my opinion. They incorporate his voice much more, and it ends up providing a cool, relaxing vibe that pairs nicely with Anda's. Once more, Primary and Anda prove their chops for this style of song, and Xin Seha's feature added some good texture as well. Personally I think that "The open boat" would have been a more fitting track to close the album out with, but this song works well for it, too. 


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


If you haven't already seen the MVs for any of these songs, please go and watch them! They lovingly released a video for each song, so be sure to check them all out. Do worry Be happy is a quick and short album that's drenched in 80's vibes, and it perfectly captures what it's aiming for. Anda's voice and Primary's production seem like a match made in retro heaven, and I hope that this isn't the last we see of the two artists' collaborations. If you're a fan of 80's-style synth jams, you'd better give this album a listen.

Overall Score: 9.5/10