Release Date: September 4th, 2018
Label: MAKE US Entertainment
Genre: Dance/Pop/R&B
Length: 7 Songs/19:59


01. ADDICT {N/10}
As fantastic and moody as this song is, I have to not score it as it’s less of a song and more of an introduction to set off the album. It’s a damn good start, though!

02. 사이렌 (Siren) {9.5/10}
I have a full review of “Siren” written up already that you can read here.

03. 곡선 (Curve) {9/10}
This song has a substantially darker tone throughout it, notably through the use of deep piano notes. There’s a real sense that there’s something dangerous lurking about and that you need to be careful of it. That obviously plays into the lyrics as well, but you get that sensation from the song itself without even knowing them. The way that SUNMI’s voice delivers the message of this song is delicious as well. I love the background vocals that are so subtly there that you can easily miss them, but they add so much depth to the tone of the song as a whole. Everything coalesces together in this song in logical and pleasing ways and it’s hard to not want to instantly put it on again.

04. Black Pearl {9.5/10} 
This is technically the slowest song the album, though it’s not slow by any means. The sparse, spacey synths, muted guitar notes, and harsh claps during the verses of this track give it a nice pacing and undertones of energy while SUNMI’s voice provides an emotionless luster overhead. This distinction of vibes is directly tied to the lyrical significance of the song, pulling on the idea that one can put up a front and pretend to be something they’re not. The entire song has this semi-jazzy feeling as well, and even though this song might progress a at a slow pace, the progression feels incredible and impacting thanks to the duality and contrasting climates.

05. 가시나 (Gashina) {10/10} 
Damn do I wish I was already running this site and reviewing songs by the time that “Gashina” was released. For those that don’t already know, “Gashina” was my absolute favorite song of all of 2017, so to have it be included in this first EP since she left JYP Entertainment? It’s too perfect. Oh, and so is the song. And music video. I don’t think I can do a proper review of this in just a few sentences, but I’ll just leave it summarized as perfection incarnate. I am still in love with the song, the theme and concept, the vocals, the instrumentals, the music video.. Literally all of it.

06. 주인공 (Heroine) {10/10} 
I reviewed “Heroine” earlier this year, and you can check out my full review of that here.

07. 비밀테이프 (Secret Tape) {N/10} 
Similarly to the beginning of the album, this is less of a full song and is simply an ending to this album. There’s a great sense of finality in this track, though, and I do wish it were a full-length track because it would have been really good.


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


SUNMI is, if it wasn’t already apparent, my absolute favorite solo artist. Her style is unique and instantly recognizable, and the way she has so much charisma that’s conveyed even through the vocal deliveries on each of these tracks is mindblowingly impressive. She’s been my bias since Wonder Girls, and I don’t think she’ll be leaving my heart or my mind any time soon. If you haven’t already listened to this album, you’re missing out on one of the best musical sensations of the year.

Overall Score: 9.5/10