The Rose - Void


Release Date: April 16th, 2018
Label: J&Star Company
Genre: Rock/Ballad
Length: 8 Songs/25:31


01. Candy (So Good) {8.5/10}
This opening track is nice and clean. It’s soft on the ears with its gentle guitar sweeps and quiet bass grooves. It’s upbeat but not necessarily fast-paced, and it just has a nice pace overall. I have no doubt that this chorus is sure to leave many swooning, it even got to me. There’s this great sense of genuine emotion behind the vocals, especially during that section. My biggest gripe with this song? It’s over so quickly! On the other hand, though, that keeps it short and sweet, and prevents it from becoming overly repetitive. It’s a great way to open up the album, and I have to say that for a song less than minutes long, it’s probably gotten more play time from me than a lot of other songs from this year.

02. Baby {10/10}
”Baby” is the title track to this album, and one that I was unfortunately unable to write up a MV review for. The progression of this song is so engaging and interesting. The way that it starts with just a few cascading piano bits and faint bass, only to pile in a great emphasis on the bass with an excellently funky riff, and then the chorus drops an absolutely bombshell of energy out of nowhere with the sudden introduction of electric guitar and eclectic percussion. And then that vigor continues forward, though not as upfront, and it’s just such a great rush when that chorus comes back around. The vocals are the cherry on top. There’s so much raw emotion and power when he cries out the “baby” lyric, and the background “I don’t wanna hold you back” is so beautiful in its simplicity and message. This is definitely one of the most unique songs I’ve heard from the year, and it’s such a strong title track.

03. I.L.Y. {8/10}
What’s an album without an inclusion of a slower ballad-type song? The piano plays more heavily into this track than it does in the other tracks, which makes perfect sense. There’s a solid focus on the vocals here, showcasing a gorgeous serenade of falsetto that, much like all of the other tracks, conveys emotion so easily that it’s astonishing. I wish I could say that I loved more about this track than just the vocals, but instrumentally it’s fairly bare and more standard for this type of song. I don’t dislike it, but I just wish there was something to draw me to this song other than the vocal delivery.

04. Sorry {8.5/10} 
”Sorry” is another ballad to follow up on the previous track. It’s not entirely slow, however. Instead it’s more of a mid-tempo track filled with a somber atmosphere in every crevice. Instead of feeling like another take on the same idea as “I.L.Y.,” the vocals and instrumentals work in tandem to evoke feelings of regret with a slight hint of anguish and nostalgia. The progression of this song is solid. I like that it goes from one sort of emotional state to another, and it remains connected through a thread of reminiscence. It’s more interesting than I was expecting it to be, and I think that pushed this song just that extra bit to make me like it more.

05. 좋았는데 (Like We Used To) {9/10} 
As the final real track on this album, this brings things to a close on a nice note. It sounds like things are ending in this song - there’s a real sense of a closure throughout it. I love the vibe of this song all throughout it. There’s more emphasis on the electric, louder rock side of the band, but they still pull it back to palm muted strums here and there to balance it all out. It made me feel like the ending credits to a movie were literally scrolling in my head. Once more the focal point for me had to be those intriguing vocals, though. The switches between top-of-your-lungs wailing and almost whimpering are so interesting and contrasting in a way that gives the song extra texture. This was a fantastic choice to use as a closer to the album.

06. Baby (Inst.) {N/10}
As is the case with all instrumental tracks, I’m not going to be reviewing or rating this.

07. Sorry (Inst.) {N/10} 
As is the case with all instrumental tracks, I’m not going to be reviewing or rating this.

08. I.L.Y. (Inst.) {N/10} 
As is the case with all instrumental tracks, I’m not going to be reviewing or rating this.


▲ = Favorite song on the album
▼ = Least fav. song on the album


The Rose is definitely new to the scene, and as a rock band are within an even more narrow niche than most K-pop groups will find themselves in. However, this album is so stable and concrete that it’s clear The Rose are making a statement. They’re here to do something different. They’re here to provide something new and unique. They’re here to break new ground. They’re here to be your new favorite rock group. If you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to check this album out, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It might be a short run through it all, but that’s all the more reason to check it out.

Overall Score: 9/10