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Grace - because of you

Grace is a solo artist under the YYAC label. For those that don't know her, she is a rapper that gained a lot of attention when she participated in the third season of the popular television show Unpretty Rapstar. I've not gotten a chance to do a review on her before, but her music is always really different and unique from the usual standard fare that we hear. I've loved her past releases to this point, and I find her songs both interesting and enjoyable. "because of you" kind of dropped on us out of nowhere, so I had no idea what to expect going in, but I was excited to do so nonetheless.

Right from the start of this song, everything was a huge shock to me. I was not expecting her to go full on singer mode, and most definitely not with a ballad. The piano sets some of the dramatic atmosphere for the song, but moreover Grace manages to furnish some austere, raw, emotional vocals that one likely would not expect from a rapper. The more natural softness of the acoustic guitar and hushed percussion further pushed the impassioned vocals but never took spotlight away from them. There's a wonderfully impactful sensation of desolation and pain present in the verses, but the peak of this song truly occurs during the chorus. Grace delivers a powerful emotional punch through the gradual ascensions of vocals, leaving one wondering where this side of her has been hiding all of this time.



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