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Dreamcatcher - PIRI

It’s a brand new year, but it’s been almost a full five months since we’d last seen Dreamcatcher back when they released “What”. They did release another anniversary song for the fans, but unfortunately it wasn’t accompanied by a music video again, so I opted out of reviewing it. Nevertheless, this is their new comeback, and it seems like this is the final time we’ll be seeing the girls take on the “nightmare” concept. I kind of thought that was what the last album signified, but hey, I really don’t mind since they absolutely own this concept and no other group even tries to compete with that.

I feel like this is sonically the most diverse track that we’ve gotten out of Dreamcatcher yet, at least in terms of title tracks. There’s a lot more experimentation going on in this than they’ve done in the past and I have to believe that’s a hint of where we can expect the girls to go in the future. Since this is the last time we’ll be getting a nightmare concept, it makes sense that there will shifts into new genres to garner new fans and push their discography into new boundaries. Instead of hearing this song as the final nightmare song, I actually heard it as more of a preview of what’s to come, which I thought was interesting, but it’s also exciting.

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