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It's only been three months since (G)I-DLE debuted, but it seems that Cube is intent on pushing the group into the spotlight while there's ongoing interest. I'll admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of their debut track, but I am glad that they managed to earn themselves some attention that I incorrectly thought they might not get with "LATATA." That being said, I was expecting something that really shows off their potential that could be more up my alley, and from the teasers that we got, it seemed that this just might be exactly that. 

Alright, I"ll admit it right from the get go - I think that this song is pretty good. This is pretty much exactly what I was wanting from them, and I think it's a major step up from their debut track. I'll start with the praises here because there's a ton to get to in a short time. Those deep rolling bass tones, deliciously dark piano chords, symphonic cascades of strings, and especially insanely alluring vocal waves during the chorus are divine. Topped off with Soyeon's venomous lyrical delivery? You've got me sold.



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