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For those unfamiliar with Lafée, she is a female solo artist and songwriter under DM Music Korea. Boasting impressively energetic, impassioned vocals as well as a refreshingly different presentation and approach to her music, Lafée is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Somehow I found myself lucky enough to have the opportunity of an interview with her, and so without further ado, I am thrilled to present exactly that. My very first interview (hopefully of many to come) with an incredible music artist.

Hi, Lafée! Thanks a ton for taking some time out and doing this interview with me. It’s my first time interviewing anybody, so please forgive me if I’m not the greatest at it just yet. I’m sure you’re plenty busy so we’ll just jump right into the questions.

Let’s start with some of the more basic stuff. It’s a bit difficult as an international fan to get much information on you, so if you could, please describe yourself briefly for us?

Hi, my name is Sae Bom, and my stage name is Lafée. I was originally born in Busan, South Korea, but I moved to the states when I was one. I officially moved to Korea from Los Angeles on October 2017, to pursue music as Lafée. I started singing ever since I was very young, being influenced by my parents. Both of my parents were and are musicians, and my home has been a very musical environment. We always had music on, and my dad would play the guitar and my mom will sing along while doing the dishes. They have always been very supportive and still are my proudest supporters.

How did it feel to debut? Has anything changed for you since then? Did you have a lengthy training period before your debut? Do you still have training even now, and if so, how often do you do that?

To be honest, it still feels unreal to me. I’ve been doing music for a very long time, but the idea that my official debut album is out, and everyone in the world can hear my music is still very mind-blowing. I performed in numerous shows and concerts and have participated in wide variety of music-related work since middle school, so I think those experiences became part of “training” for me. I haven’t been in a, “training period” like a trainee in an entertainment company if that’s what you’re referring to. However, I received vocal lessons and music theory lessons from my company from when I was getting ready to move to Korea until now. I recently received dancing lessons for my solo concert in Tokyo, Japan for the first time in my life and it has been an exciting experience.

Do you ever search for yourself to read the comments and/or critiques? If so, do you read the Korean responses only? Or do you find yourself going to international communities as well? (The K-pop subreddit would love to know if you lurk there.)

I do read comments, but only those left on my youtube videos; for example, the video of when I came out on “I can see your voice” (my cover of 2PM’s My House), or the videos when I participated the live karaoke show with Youtuber, Changhyun, or my music videos, and the videos I have on my Lafée youtube channel. I wasn’t aware enough to go check out the K-pop subreddit or any other sites for responses. I should from now on, though! Thanks for the tip!

You were credited with helping to compose Olivia Hye’s “Egoist,” a song that I personally know a LOT of international K-pop fans loved. Are you aware of how much the international audience enjoyed the song, and if so, what’s your reaction to such an overwhelmingly positive response? (I saw it on just about every Top 100 K-pop list for 2018!)

Yes, I participated in writing the song and being the background vocal for Olivia Hye’s “Egoist.” I am not actually aware of HOW MUCH the audience enjoyed the song, but it’s no surprise to me because LOONA is an amazing group and has fans from all over the world. (I mean, who wouldn’t like them? ;))

Do you consider yourself an idol or an artist? Do you consider yourself as a part of the more general K-pop Industry? Or part of the Hallyu Wave? Why or why not?

I think I consider myself as an artist. I think the term “idol” doesn’t suit me for various reasons, and it includes not being a part of the more general K-pop industry. Our producers and I like to mix in a lot of American pop/RNB vibe into our songs, which many Koreans might not be used to listening to.

Who are some of your personal favorite artists and/or what are some of your favorite songs? (Korean or otherwise.) Do they influence your own music and what you want to do with it?

My personal all-time favorite artists would be Jessie J, Tori Kelly and Adele. I know almost all of their songs, and do a lot of their covers. There are so many others to name, but those three has been on my top list for the past couple of years. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Rita Ora, Ella Eyre, and Bille Eilish. I also really respect IU for her singing and songwriting skills. She has a great way of telling a story through her music.

What’s the kind of message that you want to give through your music?

I think the message can change depending on the song, but in the end, I want people to feel positive and energetic when they listen to my music. The reasons to why I love Jessie J and Tori Kelly so much is that their songs give me hope and encouragement. (And that they both have incredible voice and amazing talent in portraying emotions ☺)

What direction do you want to take your sound in next?

We’re planning to release a single, and we hope to show another side of Lafée. Still in progress, so I can’t share the details, but we hope to make something new and different than the styles of music in the “Hello” EP album.

Let’s talk about some of your your interests outside of music. Do you play any video games, or watch any television shows? What are your favorite movies or books? (Korean or otherwise.) What sorts of hobbies do you enjoy?

I don’t enjoy playing any video games, I used to have wii back at home in Los Angeles, but I don’t remember playing it much. I love watching movies and reading books. I watch at least one movie a day on Netflix; on the way to and back from studio. (It takes me and 2 hours in total!) I can’t name all the movies I love, but I always go back to watching Spirited Away when I randomly feel like it. I think I watched it more than 30 times. I usually read at home or the book store near my home, but I like to read in book cafes nowadays. There are nice cozy cafes with sofas in Korea, where you can drink coffee, eat snacks, and read any kinds of book you want! (You guys should definitely try visiting when you come to Korea! It’s heaven for book lovers!)

Do you have anything else you want to say? You can say anything you’d like.

Well, first of all, I want to thank you for reaching out to me for this interview. I also want to thank my fans for giving me so much love and support. I can’t express how thankful I am for everyone who is walking with me on my musical journey. I really appreciate every comment and like you leave for me; it motivates me to want to become a better performer. I’d also would love it if you guys can follow me on my social media and Youtube. It would mean the world to me if more audience can get interested in Lafée and Lafée’s music.

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Thank you again to Lafée for allowing me the opportunity for this interview, as well as for her time and patience with me. I hope you all enjoyed this! Be sure to leave some love in the comments down below for Lafée, and if you have any groups you want me to interview or questions you’d want to see in the future, please let me know.