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For those unfamiliar with NeonPunch, they are a five-member group under A100 Entertainment. A mixture of trendy pop-centric tunes and sweet yet vigorous vocals make NeonPunch a girl group that you simply can’t resist. Somehow I found myself lucky enough to have the opportunity of an interview with them, and so without further ado, I am thrilled to present exactly that. My second interview ever, and this time with an up-and-coming music artist.

Hi, NeonPunch! Thanks a ton for taking some time out and doing this interview with me. It’s only my second time interviewing anybody, but I hope that you’ll accomodate me. I’m sure you’re running on a busy schedule, so we’ll just jump right into the questions.

The name NeonPunch has a very distinctive feel to it. It’s kind of bold and direct. How did this come to be the name of the group? Is there a story to the name?

Hello, Neon~~~~~Punch! Our group name is 'NeonPunch'. ‘NeonPunch’ is a combination of 'Neon' which sheds light on the dark night of the city and 'Punch,' which is a catchy word that captures our powerful personalities.

The new Watch Out mini album was a pretty fun listen with a fairly cohesive flow and theming to it overall. Is this the kind of style that NeonPunch wants to be known for, or would you rather try other genres out? If the latter, are there any particular concepts that you’d want to try specifically?

For this album, we largely pursued the concept of a more punk style. And on the next album, we don't know if we'll keep this concept, but we'd like to show it to our fans in a different way. The concept of the album has not been decided yet, but it will be a concept that will further highlight why we’re called NeonPunch. We hope you are looking forward to it.

It was just announced that NeonPunch will be looking to their fans to help with their next comeback via MakeStar. Was there any particular reason behind this? It must be really exciting for you all.

Since NeonPunch is only active in Korea right now, we think it's a stepping stone to help us produce our next album through 'Makestar,' and to promote it to our fans around the world.

Who are NeonPunch’s biggest musical influences? Korean and international, if possible! Are there particular artists or songs that you just can’t put down at the moment?

For us, the most influential artist is Girls' Generation. Girls' Generation is a girl group that led a generation of K-pop genres and has been loved by fans for various concepts. We will work harder to be more like Girls' Generation.

Your fans absolutely love the amount of content that NeonPunch puts out for them. Are there any plans for more? Possibly something like a reality show so that fans can see a different side to the girls? (Editor note: A100 Entertainment wanted to clarify that “Nellights” are no longer the name of the NeonPunch fandom, and that currently there is no fandom name.)

Before our debut, we had already released some reality content on YouTube, and now we're uploading a wider variety of videos. In the future we will try to upload more satisfying videos by planning out things that our fans will like more.

Dohee was just added to the group in January for this latest comeback. Did she find any difficulties in being the new member?

Dohee : Since I've been practicing for my debut since high school, I haven't had too much trouble making my debut. Instead, before my debut, I tried to pursue perfection as an artist while undergoing hard training.

Are there any members in the group that wish they could have the role of another member? For instance, a singer that wants to be a rapper, or anything like that?

Since we only recently made our debut, we're still in an inadequate position. Before we try out any changes like that, we should better refine our current positions and then later we can try to move into other roles.

If you could have any location for a music video shoot, where would you want it to be?

So far, both our first and second music videos have been filmed only in local studios. We hope to shoot the music video in a nice outdoor location next time. We’re already looking forward to it.

What are some goals that you’d like to achieve before 2019 is over?

Since NeonPunch isn’t well-known yet, we'd like to make sure to make it to the top 100 music charts for our next album.

Is there anything you wish to say to your international fans? You can say anything you’d like.

NeonPunch wants to meet our overseas fans as soon as possible. We will build more awareness in Korea and abroad so that we can perform in foreign countries. We will prepare to meet our overseas fans. We are looking forward to the day we meet, and we are studying foreign languages very hard these days. We look forward to seeing you.

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Thank you again to NeonPunch and A100 Entertainment for allowing me the opportunity for this interview, as well as for their time and patience with me. I hope you all enjoyed this! Be sure to leave some love in the comments down below for NeonPunch, and if you have any groups you want me to interview or questions you’d want to see in the future, please let me know.