Apink - I'm so sick



Apink is a six-member girl group under Plan A Entertainment. The group has been around for over seven years now, and while their prime time has passed and their impact has lessened, they're still a force to be reckoned with within the scene. For me personally, I've never really been the biggest fan of the group. I felt that there was always a lack of progression in their music, and that the stagnation of concepts and styles in their comebacks just waned my interests. There have certainly been the odd songs here and there that I enjoy from them, but on the whole as a majority, I would say I'm just not a fan. So I went into "I'm so sick" expecting just another Apink track that I simply wouldn't enjoy much.

The Song

Color me flabbergasted because this comeback was anything but what I was expecting. I'll admit that I might have enjoyed this song more in part just due to it being vastly different concept than Apink has done in the past, but that's not the only thing I liked about it. The instrumentals to this song are really nice. They're soft enough to be digestible but they have enough kick to them to keep the song from feeling monotone or static.  It's like Chungha's "Roller Coaster" and Sunmi's "Heroine" got blended together and sprinkled with some of the more classical Apink stylings on top, and it came out pretty wonderfully.

I think my only complaints for this song are that I don't find the hook particularly catchy, and that the filtered voices used as instrumentals were a little too central to carrying the chorus. That falls more on the personal side of things, though, as I just generally don't enjoy the use of heavily robotic sounding voices as accompanying instruments. Still, this song was hard not to like, especially since it was such a wonderfully surprising different direction than I was thinking. 

The Video

The video carries on that theme of being utterly unexpected. There are dark tones that one should expect out of groups like Black Pink or the more recent stuff from Red Velvet, and yet it's Apink. As I always mention, the members are all looking insanely gorgeous. Bomi in particularly really stands out this time around, and she just looks like an actual Goddess. The colors used in the video aren't too over the top, and the choice of filters only betrays that for a dramatic effect here and there instead of dominating the video.

The disco-ish styled instruments are reflected in the video with some disco balls which was great. Symbolism runs abound in the video, particularly the imagery of water and items being submerged in it. Personally I find it to be a metaphor for cleansing yourself of the past and starting a new journey, which would also tie in with them blowing the candle out at the end of the video, symbolizing the end of a journey. Overall there's tons of gorgeous shots and scenes to gleam through, though it does seem that the budget for this video was a bit restrictive seeing as the entirety of the sets were actually just a single set. There was definitely clever use of that locale, though, and that can't go underappreciated. 


Apink seems to have finally broken out of their comfortable mold, tackling a new concept that's incredibly contrasting to their works of the past seven years and doing so pretty damn impressively. Even though I don't fancy the chorus all too much, I think that the new concept and other parts of the song carry the song enough to be a winner. If you're a fan of either Chungha or Sunmi's recent stuff, definitely give this track a listen. If you've never really dug Apink, you should also give this one a listen. You might be just as surprised as I was!