APRIL - The Blue Bird



APRIL is a six-member girl group under DSP Media. They've been around since 2015, but honestly I haven't been able to find myself enjoying almost any of their title tracks since then. There have been times where I've been impressed with their sidetracks, but as those sort of styles haven't come to be a focus for the group's comebacks, they've failed to keep me interested whatsoever. As per usual, I was hoping that this new track might change my mind.

The Song

"The Blue Bird" sadly fell into the same trap that almost always occurs with APRIL, in my opinion. It simply failed to take any significant risks, and played to a style incredibly similar to what APRIL has fairly consistently sported for the past few years. "MAYDAY" of last year was my one hope for the group to finally see a new direction out, but it seems that DSP has already defaulted back to the safety of the tried and dull sounds of prior. 

The pre-chorus pause was too cheesy for me, and I honestly laughed at it both times that it occurred. The song isn't bad by any means, and that's not what I'm trying to say. Rather, it's so predictable and similar to other songs that not only APRIL has put out, but also tons of other groups that similarly fail to catch much spotlight. 

The Video

This video features some gorgeous visuals, something that I think I can say for most of APRIL's music videos. There's gorgeous depth used with the color choices. Obviously there's a big focus on blues here because of the song title. This seems to be symbolic of the desire to feel carefree and untroubled. The big tell for me was when they showed the sky - a big, open field without limits to stop it. The bird in the cage was, as it usually is, symbolic of their wish to be free of the troubles that jail them, and the stuffed bear was clearly something of childhood, which people often attribute to being an easier time because of the absence of heavy responsibilities. 

I actually really loved how they showed all of these desires in this manner. I loved it even more when reality came crashing down and pushed those dreams out of the picture with the blue sky fading into the dark, empty rows of chairs in front of the stage. This also explains why each of the girls were sitting there alone and watching themselves. As much as they wanted to let go of it all and just do what they wanted, their more responsible and sensible selves were there to make sure that they wouldn't.  


I'm really unsure of what DSP's game plan is for APRIL. I don't like saying it, but APRIL has yet to have had a major smash hit to get them attention. It really confuses me that they're not trying to push for the group to try out a more interesting, ear-catching kind of sound. Perhaps "MAYDAY" was their attempt at that and they just didn't see the returns they wanted to continue exploring that path. However, as somebody who isn't already a fan, the shortage of variety in title tracks has always been something waning my interest in the group. If you've liked their previous works, I'm sure this will work for you, but if APRIL hasn't already snapped you in, I don't think "The Blue Bird" will change that.

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