ATEEZ - Treasure



AZTEEZ is an 8-member boy group under KQ Entertainment, previously known as Seven Seasons and current housing of Block B. I hadn’t known anything about this group prior to this review, mainly because this is actually their debut. Knowing that they were under the same label as Block B, though, I thought that perhaps we’d get another experimental hip-hop group (especially with those ongoing rumors about Block B’s disbandment.) So I jumped into this review completely blind and hoped to be pleasantly surprised.

The Song

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this song right from the get go. Having this much auto-tune in a debut song takes away quite a bit from what I assume are extremely talented members. I have no doubt that the effect was used to give the song a specific vibe and feel, but as somebody that is personally not a fan of the excessive use of auto-tune, this just didn’t do too many favors for me.

That aside, though, I liked a lot of aspects apart from that. The general progression of the song wasn’t as standard as one might expect from a debut, and the vocals that were shown off (especially in the bridge) were clean. The raps also felt fairly natural in terms of their pacing and placement in the song, and the rappers seemed more than competent at their craft. The instrumental pieces were a bit less interesting in their sum total, but it gave room for focus on those vocals.

All in all, I’m at least interested in seeing future works from the group. Admittedly I already checked out the “Pirate King” performance video but I have tons of gripes with that song as well, so we’ll see how I feel about the group further down the line.

The Video

The video has some really nice scenery that feels fairly distinct from what most groups are currently doing. For a debut video this video seemed to have a lot of production budget going behind it, and it worked out to make a pretty great, memorable first experience with the group. There wasn’t too much in the way of story or imagery in this video, but I sort of liked that. Instead of bombarding you with imagery and nonsense, the video is simply just there to show off the members and some of the choreography for the song.

I think I could have done with a little less of the gigantic flag banners waving in the video, but that’s honestly the biggest gripe I could muster. Everything else seemed fine and dandy. I perhaps would have liked a bit more of an inkling as to who the members were, but I understand that it might have been difficult or awkward to provide that information without it seeming rather forced.

Overall I liked the video enough. It' will definitely be interesting to see what sorts of concepts and ideas they incorporate in the future, but I hope they don’t lose sight of what they want to do to be their own group, either.


While I admit that I’m not personally floored by this debut, nor am I particularly fond of its style and sound, I do understand that this is a fairly specific niche that they were aiming for. I have no doubts that fans of that subgenre are going to love the hell out of this, actually, and I hope that it serves them well to build up a solid core fanbase to move forward with. If you’re a fan of songs like WINNER’s most recent “EVERYDAY” perhaps this will be a new group for you to fall in love with.