BADKIZ - Just One Day



BADKIZ is currently a 4-member girl group under Zoo Entertainment. I say currently because I honestly don't think there is any other group that's undergone as many lineup changes as BADKIZ has. The fact that they're even still going is rather surprising, but I'm glad that they are in any case. While I personally hated the direction the group was made to take after BABOMBA, I've still checked in on their comebacks with relative excitement. Monika leaving the group was definitely a hit to my enthusiasm, but I figured that it was still worth it.

The Song

Let me start off by saying that I liked this song a lot more than I thought I would. It's definitely a different direction for the group (yet again), but it's a good direction in my opinion. There was obviously a hit in vocal power without Monika, but the style of song didn't really call for powerhouse vocals anyway. I do think that the way they ended up masking the high note beneath the instrumentals felt a little cheap, but it didn't intrude too much on my overall enjoyment of the song.

I did have a few issues with the mixing in general, and I think that it's the main thing holding me back from really loving this song. With a little higher production value tweaks, I think that this would have been an absolutely killer jam. I understand that there are obviously a lot more limitations for that kind of stuff because they're from a smaller company, but it doesn't change what the end product actually was. Still, "Just One Day" was simple fun, and just catchy enough to keep you coming back for more.

The Video

The video is obviously also lower in production value, and while I totally expect it from a nugu group, I have to admit that I still found myself disappointed. Mostly it seems like the company rented out either one or two locations, both of which were entirely uninteresting and added very little to the video other than simply being backgrounds. The girls act as though they're dismayed at some points in the video, but it isn't really ever made clear as to why. There's not an ongoing story or anything to give us reasons for it, and it just kind of seems that the director just wanted them to look sad. Perhaps there was more correlation with the lyrics, but it doesn't make a difference in how boring I found the video to be overall.

Those complaints aside, there were some positives to gleam, too. Each girl had their own screen time, and it seems like the company isn't blatantly forcing them to try to be sexy this time around. The choreography felt a little on the weaker side of things, but it was still serviceable and there were glimmers of ideas that I liked still. The video only left me with one question - what the heck is with that creepy astronaut hanging from the ceiling?


While I was a bit hesitant to check out this comeback due to the loss of Monika, the other remaining members managed to reignite my confidence and enjoyment of BADKIZ. While the original flavor of what I liked is long gone, this new attempt at remarketing the girls and pulling them in a different direction worked for me. There were lots of things that could have been done better, but it still panned out well enough. If you're a fan of nugu groups, don't miss this one.