B.A.P have made their second comeback of 2017, this time hitting fans with another quick single album. The six-member boy group is one that often gets overlooked, having lost steam over the years from several mishandlings on the part of TS Entertainment. Without getting too far into that end of things, I will say that I myself am guilty of letting B.A.P. slip under my radar. I've been trying to change that, so I came into this music video with fairly high hopes that it would help.

The Song

"HONEYMOON" is an upbeat, pop-centric song that places a heavy emphasis on its chanting chorus. It's present throughout almost the entirety of the song, introduced immediately as a whistle and quickly converting to a myriad of voices. A clean, softened piano balances out the synthetic sounds of electro-pop going on. Crisp vocals roar powerfully during the second chorus while variations of softer voices and raps fill the first chorus, verses and bridge. An aggressive rap, hard-hitting high notes, bass-heavy synths, and that echoing choir all crash together and create a well-executed peak of the song's buildup before it fades back to one final refrain. 

Sadly, "HONEYMOON" is just not my cup of tea. It sounds incredibly westernized, and I personally delved into the K-pop world originally to get away from this exact sort of music. There's nothing particularly bad about the song, I just found it very predictable. For a song that edges close to three-and-a-half minutes, I felt like I'd heard all of it within one. Chanty choruses and whistles are something that I've long considered a gimmick that tricks people into thinking songs are catchy, and I still stand by that here. The singing in the song is gorgeous, and I actually think the production of the song is very good, it's just not my type of music.

The Video

The video slaps viewers in the face with delightfully vivid colors right from the start, with the boys in white shirts that glow against the luscious green fields they're walking over. The entire video is settled beneath a cloudy filter that creates a poignant atmosphere that feels eerie yet serene in a way. In my opinion, the video is about death. A majority of the scenes are devoted to each member seemingly discovering or recalling how they passed, with the video ending on all six ending up at a dinner table together. There's even a tombstone nearby that says "B.A.P" on it, a clever play on the typical "R.I.P" that tends to be in it's place.

There are lots of scenes that are left to the viewer to figure out, which is something I personally find appealing. For instance, the scene with "16,5,1,3,5" written in a bathtub that suddenly gets filled with blood. Those numbers correspond to the alphabet, and spell out "P,E,A,C,E" while the blood that washes over the word would represent how peace can seemingly only be found after blood has been shed. There is a lot more symbolic imagery than I have time to pour over, but that one in particular stood out to me.


While I didn't personally enjoy the song, "HONEYMOON" is clearly a well-produced piece. I love that B.A.P did not simply make a song that fits in with the current trends, and I can certainly appreciate that this song was a very different direction for them overall. I think that the international fans will likely enjoy it more than the general Korean public, so I don't expect to see it too high on the charts, especially when it was released at the same time as other group's comebacks. That is in no way a shot at B.A.P or their talent, but I think we can all acknowledge that the timing of releases plays a part on its popularity as well. I wish them the best, still, and we'll hopefully see more of what they have in store for us in the not so far future.