BerryGood - Green Apple



It's been almost a year and a half since we last heard from BerryGood as a whole group. More recently we have heard from their new subunit about four months back, but now it's time for a full comeback. I have to admit that I was apprehensive going into this. "BibbidiBobbidiBoo" was just such a harsh step down from "Angel" and "Don't Believe," and I think it really hurt the momentum that they were building. Still, I wanted to check into this release and hope that they could bring me back into their music.

The Song

This song had me a bit confused on my first listen. I think mainly because the very first verse is just a bit sporadic - it's very lengthy and shifts are abound in a section that really shouldn't see that many. I'm personally more than tired of the heavily altered voice being used as an instrument. Even moreso when it's used in place of having a catchy hook, so that definitely lowered my enjoyment of this track at least a bit. I did like the vocal melody right before that part, but sadly I think that it was the only part of the song that I found to be catchy. 

I don't really mind this song, but something about it just didn't snap. All of the pieces were certainly there, but somehow I just kept feeling like this was something I'd have on in the background and not really notice. There's a distinct lack of something popping out and really taking your attention, and even though there were definitive sections of the song that sounded and felt different, it just manages to blend together in a different way altogether. It's definitely not my favorite BerryGood song.

The Video

Alright, let me just start off by saying that the quality of this music video is a lot lower than I was expecting. It's definitely lower than some of their previous music videos, and that was really disappointing. Budget constraints were such a sore thumb throughout watching this video, and more than distracting, it was detracting from my overall enjoyment of this video. The second thing that I don't think I can not talk about is that this video heavily focuses on some.. less savory things. Seriously, it opens up with just an ass shot. How much more blatant and tasteless do you need to be with this kind of stuff? 

That aside, this is likely one of the silliest videos that BerryGood has ever done. The focus on heavily preferring one kind of an apple to the other was taken to extremes, and past that, there was the guy in the video that they basically included just to be a punching bag. I mean that figuratively and literally. There were some rather.. out of place beach scenes. I guess they felt they needed to include them because it's summer? Not really sure, but they definitely felt odd placed alongside the apple story nonsense and the plain white room used to show off the dance. 

Overall, I'm not really sure what to say about this music video. It was okay, but it didn't feel like it had a real overall direction to it. The mix of random bits of forced 'sexiness' combined with very light humor, and then tossed in with partying.. it just felt all over the place without a purpose. I think the best thing that I can say about this video is that the outfits were pretty unique and that I enjoyed some of the choreography bits that played on the idea of apples.


I don't think that it should come as much of a surprise to anybody that I felt disappointed with this comeback. I assume that the degradation of music video quality from BerryGood's more recent releases is strictly due to the company's budget, but it definitely crops up as a major issue here. That in tandem with the fact that I don't see this song breaking new ground for them in terms of fans or music shows? I get the sad feeling that we might be seeing the end coming for BerryGood's music career. I hope not, but I'm definitely starting to get that sense.