BVNDIT - Hocus Pocus



BVNDIT is a five-piece girl group coming out from MNH Entertainment, the same company that houses CHUNGHA. Knowing that this is the first time the company is doing a girl group, I feel that snags and hitches are expected and likely. I personally have been cautiously excited for the group’s debut, particularly after they released some really clean and refreshingly simplistic teaser images for them. Unfortunately, the music video teaser instantaneously got me worried, as the all-too-well-known flutes from CHUNGHA’s massive hit “Gotta Go” cropped up.

The Song

Thankfully the song doesn’t use that sound much outside of that part. However, that didn’t stop this song from being a complete letdown in my opinion. While it may have retired that specific sound early enough that this didn’t feel like a redux version of “Gotta Go,” the rest of the song features the very same trop-pop stylings that you would find within CHUNGHA’s discography.

Don’t misunderstand me - CHUNGHA definitely doesn’t own that entire sound and/or genre, but for a group to come out from the same company featuring such a similar set of sounds? To me, it feels rather disrespectful to BVNDIT more than anything. Instead of trying to find a sound and style that works for them, they opted to give them what honestly sounds like a track that didn’t live up to the CHUNGHA standard of high quality, and instead falls just a little too flat to give them any depth to expand on. It sours the entire debut while simultaneously providing easy critique and dismissal of what otherwise could have been such a powerful debut.

Rant aside, the song itself isn’t bad. There’s catchy bits here and there, especially vocally. The chorus feels like a fun ride, though there are also bits of the vocal melody that veer into some very CHUNGHA-esque territory. There’s nothing that jumps out as particularly impressive for these vocal chops, but there are definitely some nice colors presented between the members that help to give the group a better flair than anything else in the song. There the more candy-sweet voices balanced out with some surprisingly bolder ones, and a few that land in-between to give a nice gradient.

All in all, while the song is definitely disappointing for how safe and similar it is, I did expect there to be hurdles for both MNH and BVNDIT to overcome, so it wasn’t all too surprising. I hope that the company can take the feedback positively and channel it into really finding a niche for the girls, because I definitely see a lot of promise here. I just don’t think it was realized very much in this debut.

The Video

If I wasn’t negative enough about the song portion of this, I don’t think I’ll be much better here on the video side of things. There is absolutely no personality in this music video whatsoever. No, I don’t mean BVNDIT has no personality. The girls themselves seemed just fine in the video, actually. The video itself, however.. not so much. It has to be one of the most generic debut music videos that I’ve seen in a while - and that’s saying something. The color palettes, the outfits and makeup styling, the set pieces and backdrops.. every single one of these parts all collaborated together behind the scenes to grab from any other video they could. Once again, instead of getting something new and interesting, we’re presented with what feels like recycled leftovers, and it just doesn’t make for a great experience. For a song called “Hocus Pocus,” there’s zero magic here. Not just in terms of what they showed, but in terms of the feel of the video, too. It all just felt one-dimensional and too simplistic.

Alright, I’ll just stop there and talk about what I did like for this music video. From the teaser images I could tell that these girls were seriously pretty, but to see them in motion is an entirely different thing. BVNDIT are drop dead gorgeous. I think I’ll be hard-pressed to pick out a bias this time around, but I’m certainly looking forward to that entire trial nonetheless.

The choreography for this debut was a bit on the tamer side, though there were parts that I found to be fun. The video didn’t really do a great job of pushing out the parts that were more memorable, though I suppose that is subjective. Still, I wish they showed off more of the intricacies of the dance because there are some clearly shown in their debut showcase, and I think that the outro portion of this video should have shown that off, because there’s definitely some potential there, too.

Overall, the video, much like the song, is okay. It doesn’t really do the girls any favors, in my opinion, and I definitely hope that they find a visual style that suits them so they can rock it and push themselves into the public space more.


While I was finally able to find myself excited for a girl group debut for the first time in a long time, unfortunately BVNDIT just didn’t quite the hit mark on anything that I was looking for. I truly hope that they can find and establish a solid base because I certainly want to see more of them and see them find their personal niche. If you’re still a fan of tropical sounds and if you’re forever craving more CHUNGHA-esque songs, I think BVNDIT might actually be a solid fit for you. Otherwise, I don’t know that this is going to be memorable enough for you to add into your playlists.