It's been less than three weeks since we've last seen BoA on the Korean scene, and she's back once more already. She dropped a full-length Japanese album last week, and now we have a Korean mini-album so soon after. It seems that BoA intends to really shower us with her presence this year, and I for one am ecstatic about that. "ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT" is the title track off of the mini of the same name, and after having heard "NEGA DOLA" take such a different direction than I was expecting, I came into this MV as blind as a bat.

The Song

The song starts with an extremely suppressed high-pitched "one shot, two shot" lyric obscured beneath softer-toned synth arpeggios. As we pull away from the introduction and into our first verse, a lot more space opens up instrumentally. We get sparse use of percussion, loosely paced waffling synth chords, and a heavier bass tone that provides a majority of the texture for the beat. BoA sings in a hushed voice that draws you in just long enough for the song to slide into the pre-chorus where a shift in tempo and weight occurs. A bouncy bass synth hops alongside those sprinkling notes we heard at the introduction while BoA's vocal melody ditches the softer whispering style for a full-on escalating one.

The chorus features fluctuating synth notes alongside snappy drums, and BoA's upbeat vocals flourish the simpler style of sound. The "one shot, two shot" lyric that we barely got a taste of at the beginning finally comes full circle and delivers a devilishly catchy hook with some slick harmonies slid beneath all of the varying synth sounds. The pre-chorus slows things down with a heavier bass and drum section, though towards the end BoA's vocals gain just the traction needed to slap the song back into the faster nature needed for that final chorus.

"ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT" didn't immediately grab me upon first listen, but when I gave it the second run through it seemed a lot more coherent to me. Generally speaking, this song is more of the style that I thought BoA would be going towards for a Korean comeback, and I think she executed it damn well. As I said earlier, the chorus and postchorus sections are wickedly addictive and really do get better upon each successful listen through. There are no huge vocal gymnastics present in this song, but the playful nature of the song as a whole doesn't really call for them. All in all, the more that I listen to this song, the more I find myself thinking that it's actually really great because of its simplicity. 

The Video

The beginning of the music video shows a subway station, and we very quickly start to get imagery of a man's shoes seemingly floating off the ground. He sees BoA on the other side of the station, and like any normal human being is immediately drawn to her, especially as she begins to dance. He looks around the station to see if there is anybody else around and sees nobody but BoA enjoying herself and dancing without care. After a little bit, he puts his briefcase down and starts to dance around as well.

There's a bit o fun stuff where seem to blow out some lights with dance moves just before the man pulls back and leaps over the railway that was separating them. They begin to dance together and the station starts to spark all over, but neither seem to care as they're just enjoying themselves. And finally at the end of the video, BoA puts her hand to his stomach and shoots him before walking away and leaving him there. He wakes up not too much later, realizing he must have been dreaming. All of this was obviously cut between some dance shots and closeups, as to be expected.

My first time watching this video I actually had to rewind the last clip to make sure I saw that properly. I did not expect BoA to end up shooting this poor guy in the stomach after having such a fun time dancing with him, but that's exactly what happens. It certainly surprised me, but I'm glad that it was revealed to all just be a dream in the end. I was pleasantly surprised that there was a little more plot happening here than we saw in "NEGA DOLA," and at the fact that they managed to do it while also still showing off a majority of the choregraphy. It's everything I'll ever want from a BoA music video, especially BoA in a leather jacket.  


It's no secret that I adore BoA and I fanboy over her every time that she has a comeback, so it should come as no surprise that I love "ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT." I think that the song is fun, and those vocal melodies during the chorus and hook are just too good to deny. I would definitely recommend checking this song out if you like energetic songs with playful bass synths, or even just to stare at BoA looking perfect as always. 

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