BoA - Woman



It must be Christmas or something, because it’s only been eight months since the queen of K-pop made her glorious return to the scene, and yet we’re already seeing her come back with a full-length album to end the year on. BoA is probably my all-time favorite K-pop artist, so to hear that she was going to be coming back again this year was like a dream come true. Obviously being the fanboy that I am, I made sure to keep up with all of the teasers and appropriately squeal with delight at each of them. And, due to them, I had some damn high expectations going into this review.

The Song

I seriously don’t know where to start with my praises for this song. That bass riff? Funky. Those synths? Bouncy and gritty. Those vocals? Clean, powerful, and sexy. That casual transition from heels walking to the actual percussion? Smooth. That Michael Jackson-esque “whoo” part? Flawless. BoA absolutely nailed this groovy style and kept it fresh and empowering at the same time.

I think this might be the most that BoA’s vocals have actually shined in a long while, which is no sleight or criticism. It’s just a praise of how much energy and strength she packed into the performance for this track. There are so many high notes paired up with the overall lower register of her voice here. Not only that, but the vocal waves that you ride through this song are consistent - and moreover, consistently impressive and engaging for the listener. The entirety of this song makes you feel like cheering her on, but it also makes you feel like she’s giving you that same spirit in an odd, constant feedback loop. It’s striking and bold yet it isn’t overextended or off-putting by any means.

If it wasn’t clear already and my inner fanboy wasn’t inherent or apparent, I am in love with this song. (And maybe with BoA, of course.) I expected an anthem of sorts due to the name of the track and the general vibes of the teaser pics, but even so I found myself getting goosebumps and freaking out at every possible turn of this song.

The Video

This chick seriously starts this whole video off by walking UPSIDE DOWN? Are you kidding me? I’m floored. That seriously starts off the video on such a cool note that only gets followed up with intriguing imagery and interesting sets. Holy Christ she looked incredible, too. I know that we saw a majority of these outfits in the teasers leading up to the video, but to see them in motion? Moving in the way that only BoA can? That’s something that you just can’t be prepared for.

The bold colors and general stylings of BoA’s outfits are fantastic, and I love how they let her show off a graceful, capable, strong side of femininity that’s all too often discarded in the K-pop scene. I personally could have done without all of the extra effects like the black and white or the scratchy retro look, but I’m not too upset by them, either.

Now we have to be honest with ourselves here. This is a BoA video. Did we get through our checklist? BoA looking amazing and stylish? Check. Absurd amounts of delicious choreography? Check. Michael Jackson influence? Check. Individual shots of her being a dork? Check. Yep, that’s a solid BoA video. No sides necessary, thank you.

I’ll admit that I always want to see a bit more story coming out of BoA’s videos, but hey. This is what I was expecting and it delivered. It even delivered more than I could have dreamed of on certain aspects. I’m not going to complain.


BoA is back so steal my soul and once more claim eternal sovereign of the K-pop scene as its queen. I’m more than ecstatic that she’s gotten the opportunity to have multiple comebacks this year, and to have them be so damn amazing is only icing on top of an already impressive cake. If you didn’t already and I somehow haven’t convinced you to yet, go and give this comeback a view and a listen. It’s more than well worth your time.