BTOB - Only one for me



BTOB is a seven-member boy group residing under Cube Entertainment. They've been in the scene since 2012, so it's a safe call to say that they're veterans in the industry at this point. Personally I've enjoyed several of their past releases - most recently their pre-release track "The Feeling" was an incredible way to lead up to this comeback. I've always thought that BTOB was an underrated group (even by myself) for the amount of talent they housed, so I was really excited to hear what they had in store this time around.

The Song

The song is pretty solid from the get go, featuring some of the trademark expectations of BTOB as a whole. Surprisingly Peniel raps in Korean here instead of English, but it was a really nice surprise in a song that's otherwise fairly safe. Everything in the song is fairly soft and pillowy both instrumentally and vocally, which is a bit of a conundrum. In fairness, these kinds of buttery vocal styles are what I personally love about BTOB, but it's also summer at the moment, so having a more relaxing song like this is not what I was expecting. That's not bad in any way, of course, and even though it's not an over-the-top roller coaster of excitement, it still manages to hold some summery vibes with the guitar licks and reverberating synth notes.

My only real gripe with the track is when they sing "let's get it on." It kind of just feels out of place, and I'm unsure if the lyricist knows the implications of that phrase outside of Korea. It doesn't completely pull away from the idea of somebody being the only one, but it's certainly not as sentimental or emotional as the tone of the rest of the song. Overall the song works. It's an odd but intriguing mix of chill and fun vibes, with maybe a touch of sensuality tossed in. I don't quite like it as much as I did the pre-release, but that's just my personal taste coming into play.

The Video

The music video is a pretty interesting one if solely for the fact that a majority of it is shot on a pier. There are a lot of set pieces that look really out of place on it, but that's where a majority of the creative decisions seem to lie. Otherwise there are a few locations outside of that, such as the back of a rig truck, which again was neat though it also had me a bit nervous because that just seems like a dangerous idea. Color-wise, nearly the whole video had a filter that exaggerated hues, but it wasn't pushed to an extreme level that it became detracting or distracting.

Screen time seemed to have been split fairly evenly between the members and I never felt like I was seeing too much or too little of an ongoing scene at any given time. There wasn't too much of a plot going on, but the director saw fit to make sure that the video didn't try and play it off like there was. It's simply just a video of BTOB having some fun in a couple of locations, and I don't think that much else was needed for this kind of song. For Melodys (the BTOB fandom), I have no doubt that this will deliver heavily, and for everyone else the video is solid enough to last you through the duration of the song.


BTOB is a criminally underrated group in the K-pop scene, and I wish that could change. Will this comeback be the breaking point for them? I highly doubt it, sadly. I think that their time to make it to superstardom has unfortunately already past, but I don't think that they need it, either. The group releases a consistent quality of music that appeals to their avid fans, and that seems to be enough for them. If you like happier songs with a slower tempo than usual, this is a great one to check out.