Bye Bye Badman - Monolove



Bye Bye Badman is a small, relatively unknown band that's been around since 2010. The group has actually been nominated for multiple awards, even winning a few. However, that doesn't seem to have boosted their overall popularity or visibility in the pop-dominated world of South Korea. Bye Bye Badman has long been one of my personal favorite groups, so I only thought it fair that I check out their new music video and try to share it with as many people as I could.

The Song

"Monolove" opens up with a constant strumming low guitar note and a simple, snappy drumbeat. This introduction sounds kind of close to Deep Purple's "Highway Star," though the temperate vocals instantly grant a tone that erases the thought. The chorus is quick and straightforward, with the bass taking a more noticeable role and the synthesizer finally kicking in. There's no second verse right after the first refrain, instead heading from there and having a small instrumental break before returning to the chorus. It was an interesting idea, though a second verse does still come after that.

The song is short, measuring in at just under three minutes, but I think that's perfect for what Bye Bye Badman delivered here. It's overall just a very basic set of sounds coming together to create a clean piece of music, but there's nothing in particular to note here. That's not to say that I didn't like this song because I actually loved it. There's something alluring about the simplicity of all of the instrumentals in today's often overproduced market, and the singer's voice just has that something that I can't describe. "Monolove" adds to an evergrowing list of great music from this band.

The Video

The video is entirely animated and has an interesting aesthetic to it. Blends of dulled shades are combined with a palette of intense pigments that flavor the video with gorgeous watercolor-esque imagery. The video is fairly simple in what it shows, opening with a girl running through several different scenes before it shifts to her biking for a short while. Then we have her driving through a city, with an odd part during the scene where a girl is standing in the way only to fade away as the lights of the car come on. In an almost ridiculous fashion, the girl gets into a plane and flies that. In total, this girl is TRAVELING. 

I think it's safe to say that the video is clearly depicting a girl that's going through several hoops to get to somebody she loves. All of the running, biking, driving, and even flying, is all just a gigantic metaphor for the lengths that one goes through to show somebody else how much they love them. It's very simple, and certainly nothing new, though I do find it endearing and cute. The animation was gorgeous and gave a specific style that I found distinctive and memorable. 


I won't pretend that I'm not biased when it comes to indie bands, especially ones that I've been following for a while. I've loved almost everything that Bye Bye Badman has released for some years now, and "Monolove" doesn't differ in that regard. This style of music is just something that I gel with, and while it's not anything particularly inventive, I still found myself savoring every minute. If you haven't given Bye Bye Badman a listen before, I'd highly recommend not only "Monolove," but anything of theirs you can get your hands on!