Cherry Bullet - Q&A



Cherry Bullet is a brand new eleven-member girl group coming out of FNC Entertainment. While FNC Entertainment isn’t exactly new to housing multiple groups, this is only the second girl group they’ve debuted. With AOA sort of starting to lose steam, it makes sense to me that they’d be pushing out a new group, but I was curious to see what they would do to keep their identities separate. From the teasers (as well as the group’s name), it seemed as though they were intending to jump on board with the girl crush concept, so I jumped into this video with excitement to see what their take on it would be like.

The Song

Thumping bass guitar snaps and a quick, simple repeat of drum patterns keep this song favorably on the side of being upbeat and energizing. Coupled with some addictive vocal melodies, this song definitely has a recipe for a great pop track. The first verse draws you in immediately, though unfortunately for myself the rest of the song doesn’t quite manage to keep the same appeal. The pre-chorus in particularly felt a little too disjointed, and the bridge is pretty much just an extension of that rather awkward breakaway. The chorus is a mixed bag for me, too. It’s definitely a catchy hook, don’t get me wrong, but hearing “da da da da” so much feels a little too cheap for my own tastes. Thankfully they did spice that section up more than the teasers let on, though. (Okay, that part is insanely catchy, yes. It’s stuck in my head, yes. But I still think it feels a bit cheap!)

For a debut track, however, this is very solid. There’s a good showing of a lot of color and flavor here, and I do think that this sounds different enough from what other girl groups are putting out at least in terms of title tracks to keep Cherry Bullet from being compared to the current mainstays. I adore the verses of this song and while the rest of the song doesn’t get as much of an absolute approval from me, I think that overall it’s still good.

The Video

I’m not really going to delve into any of the stuff dealing with the rumors of Cherry Bullet supposedly having “Bingle Bangle” as their slated debut track last year and getting pushed back, but there are definitely some similarities in concepts between the two. The entire 8-bit video game theme seems to be running rampant currently, and while I don’t necessarily mind it, I do wish that there would be a bit more differentiation between these concepts. In terms of color palettes, this has a good blending of both softer and bolder tones to create a rather pleasing aesthetic.

I don’t know that I could really talk about this video without mentioning the rather obvious reference, which I personally found to be pretty cute. After all, she is a Korean video game star, even if fictional, so it was nice to see some love thrown her way for a concept that fits so closely to her own background. I especially loved the part when they fired the mech’s guns in sync with the “da da da da da” lyrics. It was almost enough for me to forgive those lyrics entirely.

I will say, however, that I don’t really care much at all for the outfits the girls have on. They seemed a bit too plain to me, and I don’t think they really matched all that well together, either. Some certainly did more than others, but I just feel like overall the aesthetic of the video and the general concept didn’t really seem in line with what they were wearing. Even still,the girls all looked fabulous and I’ll admit that I’m interested in learning more about the group as a whole, so I’ll probably be checking into some of their upcoming variety spots.


“Q&A” is one of the best girl group debuts in some time in my opinion. While there are certainly aspects here and there that I personally would count as faults, every group has things to improve on and I’m excited to see Cherry Bullet to do exactly that in the future. I’m curious if they’ll stick with this sort of video game concept or if they’ll branch out and try out some other ideas depending on the general reception, but I guess that’s just something we’ll see down the line. If you haven’t already, I actually would that everybody give this debut a try, especially if you’re a fan of funky bass guitar riffs as a main instrumental.