CHUNG HA - Gotta Go



It seems like the brakes are never put on when it comes to K-pop. The new year is just starting and we already have several artists laying their cards on the tables for comebacks in January, the first of which seems to be CHUNG HA. Last year she released “Roller Coaster” in January, so it seems almost fitting that she’s back again nearly a full year later. I didn’t have time to check out any teasers, but it’s CHUNG HA. I think I know to expect quality from her by this point, and so I dove in with excitement to kick my year off right.

The Song

This song is the most distinct sound that a CHUNG HA title track has displayed as of this point in her career, shifting into a more sensual vibe and putting more emphasis on CHUNG HA’s vocal talent than we’ve seen previously. Admittedly, I’m not really the biggest fan of the weird pan flute-esque instrumental in this song. It’s a little too grainy and high-pitched for me, and it’s used pretty heavily as a main melody here, so it was more than a bit of a turn off.

That aside, though, this song is gripping in a way that I’m not sure I can attribute to anything other than CHUNG HA’s magnetic charisma. The instant the first verse started up I was pulled in and I was excited to see where she was about to take us on this wild ride. The buildup from the verses into the chorus is fantastic, and even though the the chorus slows things down and doesn’t slap you right in the face, it isn’t a disconnect from the rest of the product. However, I do feel like the refrain was less interesting than the verses and pre-choruses preceding it.

I know that a ton of people are absolutely loving this song, but I’m not sure that I’m in the same train. While I love the heavy divergence in style and atmosphere that this song undoubtedly provides, I have to admit that when the song was over it was hard for me to recall what it sounded like. Maybe that’s just me, though. It’s a solid title track and a good way to start 2019, but I’m unsure that I’ll be as addicted to this as I was some of her past titles. I will say, though, that this does sound like something that might end up growing on me.

The Video

I won’t lie, I’m so glad that this video went with a vibe that I haven’t seen in a good while. The washed out colors work wonders, especially with how the video incorporates black and white sections. The shifts between the the monochrome and faded saturation make it much less harsh on the eyes, and it also gives it a distinct vibe.

Sadly, this is a video where we don’t really have much in the way of dissecting. There’s not a ton of imagery, and a majority of this video is dedicated to showing off CHUNG HA looking incredible as well as the choreography. Speaking of which, I am unsure where I land on the choreography for this song. The hand wiggles behind the back are somewhat of a comical look, though when CHUNG HA is the one performing the dance it looks more majestic and elegant. I did enjoy the more theatrical styling of the dance overall, and I think that it definitely matched the more sensual sound of the song.

Overall, the video is just fine. I’ll never complain about getting to see CHUNG HA, and she absolutely rocked the darker concept that she was going for.


While everybody else seems to be loving this track right from the get go, I find myself more on the fence about it overall. I absolutely loved the flow of it, and the conceptual direction is a great even if just for its deviation from her past titles, but there’s just a lack of punch and stickiness to this one that I can’t seem to get past. If you’re a fan of dark concepts or tracks that provide a more lush vocal presentation, I think that this might be of interest for you.