The last time CHUNG HA came back was near the beginning of this year when she dropped "Roller Coaster." I've been a fan of CHUNG HA since she had her solo debut last year, and up until this point I've enjoyed her releases pretty thoroughly. Being a fan of her, I did manage to keep up with the teasers for this release, and I'll admit that I wasn't so sure I was too excited for this one. It sounded like she was falling back to her debut sound, but with a bit more modernization baked in. Still, I wanted to go in with an excited mindset, and so I did.

The Song

Sonically this is much more similar to her debut release "Why Don't You Know" than it is her track from earlier this year. While it shares similarities, it differentiates itself with a few more recent trendy features sprinkled in here and there. There's also a bit more aegyo and cuteness scattered throughout this song than her other two releases, but it doesn't occur in a way that would eclipse the entire atmosphere with that vibe. Overall, it's basically the song that I was expecting to get based on the teasers. 

So does that mean I like it? Not exactly. I'm kind of neutral on this one, unfortunately. It felt a bit too much like a do-over rather than something brand new, and the implementation of sounds and styles that are becoming more commonplace really didn't do much for me. There was just something about this track that really failed to make it memorable for me. That's not to say that I wasn't captivated throughout it, because I was. However, it only kept a hold on me while I was listening, and afterwards I just didn't have anything to really latch on to. 

The Video

As with her previous videos, CHUNG HA looked absolutely gorgeous and exuded both confidence as well as her typical fierce but friendly style. There were some parts that came off as more cutesy than we'd seen her previously do in her titles. Unlike the song for those cases, there were actually a good amount of pieces of that strewn throughout. In terms of outfits there were very few that stood out, though obviously she rocked all of them. 

There was one particular part of the music video that I did want to talk about, because I actually thought it was a cleverly subtle way of praising CHUNG HA's fandom. There's very little story going on, but basically all we have to go off of is that there are streaks of light falling from the sky and CHUNG HA happens to wander upon one at the beach. Now, on first glance I didn't really think much of this, but upon further thought, I actually realized it was a reference to her fandom colors. The light when the rock is falling was the bright seafoam color (as was the tint of the water), the gem itself was purple, and it shined a bright white reflection. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I think that's what the director was going for and it was a beautiful concept that played out just as eloquently.

Aside from that, most of this video was fairly standard stuff carried along by the fact that CHUNG HA is just so alluring. Would I watch it again? Probably. It'd be more of a once in a while thing than something I'd do often, but that's just fine.


"Love U" is sadly going to go down as my least favorite title track from CHUNG HA to date. I loved both of her previous releases, but I didn't really feel like I got too much out of this one. If you're a fan of hers, you should still definitely give it a listen, and I hope that you find yourself digging it more than I did. Other than that, I can really only recommend this track to those that are always looking to add to their list of songs for the summer.