Cosmic Girls - Dreams Come True



Cosmic Girls, otherwise known as WJSN, are a 13-member girl group under Starship Entertaiment. They debuted almost exactly two years ago as of this release, but their debut song, "Mo Mo Mo" as well as the followup track, "Catch Me," were some of my least favorite songs of that year. Since then, I've struggled to really find myself enjoying any of their releases, with the exception of "Happy." That being said, I went into this with the hopes of that changing. 

The Song

There's a gradual fade in of electric guitar and drums before a subtle piano and cheerful synth snap in, sounding like something reminiscent of video game music. The verse starts and we actually get some violins, which was nice since it had been some time since hearing some in a K-Pop track. The pre-chorus has a bit of stumbling in the percussion, slowing things down in an interesting way, and the chorus has some fantastical chimes that keep the imaginative ambience going. The postchorus hook focuses more on the vocals and synth, and is probably where most people will find themselves singing along. Exy handles half the second verse, rapping smoothly over fluctuations of synth before we're back to the usual.  

I'm sad to say that I honestly just couldn't find myself feeling one way or another about this song, which has often been the case for me with Cosmic Girls with the exception of their debut and "Happy." Exy's rap as per usual was the standout part of the song, but otherwise everything just felt kind of flat to me. The pre-chorus and chorus completely lack in terms of catchiness, and the pre-chorus in particular sounds reminiscent of previous songs they've released. Overall the song kind of just felt like background music, rather than something I was actively listening to, and that leads me to think that it's mediocre at best.

The Video

The music video has a lot of things going on in order to show off all of the members. We've got girls walking and staring at their phones, laying in a bed that's floating in the sky, a member on the train, one at the library, one hanging out in a tunnel.. I'm sure I've missed some. There's a lot of cooler blues used at the start, but we get a harsh transition to reds near the end as we find out more of what's going on. It seems that the girls are trying to fend off an electric storm erupting from a hole in the sky. They pool their energy together and spirit bomb it away, effectively saving the world. Or maybe not, as the ending to the video features a member waking up and implies it was all just a dream.

I actually liked a lot of the pieces of this video, especially the focus on the different color palettes for the two halves. This was a very fantasy-heavy inspired video overall, and it follows their previous MVs in a logical sense while still doing new things to keep it fresh. The dance for the song also had some interesting moves that I'd love to see in a dance version or live performance. It's cool that they're still going with this sort of lore of the general concept of Cosmic Girls, and that it gets expanded upon in each video. 


While I do enjoy the concept of having their music videos correlate to one another through the mystical elements they've used thus far, musically I just can't find myself as impressed or interested in Cosmic Girls. I was really hoping that "Dreams Come True" would be the title to finally sell me on them, but instead it just added to the pile of songs they've released that have left me indifferent. If you're a fan of Cosmic Girls, I'm sure you'll find yourself enjoying this track, but otherwise I don't know who it might appeal to outside of being background music.