Cosmic Girls - SAVE ME, SAVE YOU



It’s been a long seven months since we last had a comeback from Cosmic Girls when they released “Dreams Come True” earlier this year. While I personally still haven’t found myself all too impressed or interested in most of their music, I keep thinking to myself that the talents in this group might still find a way to break through eventually with a gigantic hit. With that in mind, I went into this comeback with the high hopes that the girls could finally release a track that I found exciting.

The Song

“SAVE ME, SAVE YOU” is, unfortunately, not that track. Don’t mistake that for me disliking the song, though - I actually am quite on the cusp of finding it pretty solid. It’s just that everything feels so softened and that there’s just nothing that makes for a standout punch to keep the song as something that will leave a lasting impression. The flow of the song is great, but the general progression feels like it never really amounts to much. The chorus, while reasonably catchy, just lacks real oomph behind it to push it to that next level. Even Exy’s raps, which usually serve as the lynchpin of interest for me, didn’t really captivate me as much as I would have liked.

Instrumentally I think this is really in line with most of what Cosmic Girls has released up until this point, with it’s dreamy, atmospheric synths and understated electronic tones. It should end up blending in nicely among the rest of their discography. It does seem like line distribution was a bit better in this comeback than it has been in the past (I mean I noticed Luda got some lines). Overall, however, I do think this is the most appealing release that the group has had since “Happy,” though that’s just my personal tastes. I’m unsure of how much traction it will pick up in the grand scheme of things, though, but I’m sure that fans will love it regardless.

The Video

Aesthetically I’m still absolutely in love with the very mysterious, intriguing sort of atmosphere of everything that Cosmic Girls releases. There’s just a clearly enigmatic feel to everything and it pulls you in with a magnetic force that few other groups actually manage to do on any consistent basis. Everything from the set pieces, the special effects used, the inherent setup of magic in their world, the delightful colors, and even their outfits are all visually gorgeous and pleasing. There is a bit of a clash going on with their darker outfits and their rather plain dresses, but I have no idea if that’s to do with lyrical significance, so I’ll let it slide.

Story-wise, it’s a little hard to follow, but from what I can gather, Seola killed everybody? I think that’s what the ending implies at least. I mean, she’s the only one alive and she has a flashback to burning the rest of the members inside of a house, so.. yeah. I have no idea why she did it, but that’s my current take.

The last thing I wanted to note was the choreography. This dance was a lot different than what we’ve seen out of the group to this point, and dare I say, the leg part at the start of the bridge might be the most memorable dance move of any girl group for this whole year. Seriously, that is slick, cool, and sexy without being over the top. What a fantastic piece of choreography that absolutely deserves to be a standout.

If it wasn’t clear already, I liked this music video quite a bit. It continues the weird, unique bit of lore that Cosmic Girls has been going for, and even as a standalone piece works perfectly as entertainment. Even though I might be in love with the song, I can see myself coming back for some dazzling visuals again and again.


“SAVE ME, SAVE YOU” is a track that maintains the core of what Cosmic Girls has been crafting and promoting for the past few years now. Both in terms of music and video, this is a comeback that persists almost solely as a successor to their prior works, so fans will undoubtedly be pleased. While I wish that there was a bit more impact and weight to certain elements, I do think that this comeback is their best since “Happy,” and I hope to see them do well with it.