Crush - Last Festival



The latest music video for Seo Taiji's 25th Anniversary Project features the prominent R&B singer Crush. This time around, we're revisiting and being treated to a revamped version of the original "Last Festival" released all the way back in 1993. Wonderlust is appropriately credited for providing the refreshingly organic instrumentals that provide a distinct variation to the source material, especially when they're layered beneath Crush's crisp, soothing vocals. 

The Song

Whereas the original song had a more upbeat atmosphere that pushed it squarely into the category of pop music at its time of release, this recreation effortlessly converts the composition into a relaxing jazz-esque melody. The combination of tranquil guitar chords, a simple drumbeat, and the occasional soft, harmonizing background vocals all blend together to craft an unbelievably gentle song. Fans of relaxing jams that they can comfortably laze about to should not be disappointed with this track.

The video itself begins with Crush browsing through what appears to be some sort of antique shop. He turns on a CRT television, and the picture flips through all of the music videos from artists that Seo Taiji has recruited into his cover project, including the current one from Crush. He continues browsing and wandering through various forms of media (several of which are outdated) all involving the history of Seo Taiji, with a few symbolic images cropping up every now and again. Overall, the music video seems to be the most nostalgic of all the releases thus far with several calls back to previous releases and even a clip or two of past performances from the legendary group. 

The Video

The music video is fairly simplistic in idea, but I find that Crush brings a certain kind of charm onto the screen that helps to keep it captivating for its duration. For a guy that won a competition for spacing out, he's surprisingly capable of helping make a basic concept almost hypnotizing.

I have no doubts that this video is chock-full of references to previous songs, albums, and music videos, but unfortunately a majority of them are lost on me. Seo Taiji and Boys were a force to be reckoned with much before I delved heavily into the world of Korean music, so my knowledge of them is lacking and minimal at best. Even still, I can recognize that this video was organized to be one that longtime fans can appreciate, while also being directed in a way such that even those oblivious to the full scope of the group's historical presence can get a reasonable grasp of it. 


Overall, I think that this music video and song are well-executed. The entirety of Seo Taiji's 25th Anniversary Project has been wonderful thus far, and I think that it's actually a great opportunity for a lot of the newer fans of K-Pop to discover one of the most influential artists that helped to shape Korea's pop industry into its current form. If you haven't been keeping up with the releases thus far, I highly recommend them all, including Crush's take on "Last Festival."