DAY6 - I Loved You



DAY6 continues their monthly comeback schedule for the Every DAY6, this time returning with "I Loved You." For those unfamiliar with them, DAY6 is a five member rock band formed under JYP Entertainment, and they have been releasing music videos every month since January of this year as a project (Every DAY6). The group has been around since late 2015, and have been creating a unique sound that had been missing in the K-pop scene ever since their debut.

The Song

"I Loved You" is a slow burning power ballad, leaving a lot of empty space during its verses for the lyrics and vocals to take center stage over the accompanying keyboard, simplistic drumbeat, and near-absent extended bass notes. The chorus is brimming with heavy guitar chords slammed out in a way that mirrors the emotions ringing through the aching vocals. The progression is steady throughout, with a soft lullaby-like bridge that sets a chilling calm just before  one final run through the impassioned chorus.

I'm not sure why they included a bit of whistling near the beginning of the song as that melody never returns, and neither does the use of whistling. The song is honestly pretty good, but I just feel like I've heard it already. DAY6 presents nothing new in this song to me, and I feel like it's a bit too stagnant for them. They kicked off this year with an insanely different style of music, so I was expecting a lot more experimental stuff from them. For the most part, they've delivered on that with a variety of new attempts of music, but I feel like their slower ballads have remained too similar for me to truly enjoy this one. The song is by no means bad, it's just not groundbreaking for them or the genre.

The Video

The video seems to be a continuation of the band's previous song, "What Can I Do." The same cast of characters pops up, this time showing a bit of progression in the relationships connecting them all. There are scenes of a bonding, friendship, jealousy, and really just a ton of character development for such a short video. The famous love triangle trope continues as well, with the video even ending on a scene that has Wonpil's character picking up a key chain that the girl leaves behind on the bus. It's clear that this will become a point of contention between him and Sungjin, as earlier we see him contemplating what to do with it before we're shown it belongs to her.

I think I can openly state how happy I am that JYP returned to the actual videos for the Every DAY6 songs. I was fairly worried when "How Can I Say" only had a filter over a simple green screen video, and when "Dance Dance" was more of a candidly shot video of the boys in a room rocking out together. The decision to include an ongoing story that intertwines a few of the songs is one that I find to be agreeable, though it now has me wishing they'd done so from the beginning. It could have been really interesting to have an entire year's worth of videos dedicated to an intricate almost K-drama level story.


"I Loved You" is a solid song, but I do wish that DAY6 had done something different with it. They've already proven themselves capable of creating power ballads with this kind of sound, and there's not much to distinguish this one from others. I can appreciate that they wanted to keep things simple and straightforward for a song or two this year, but that doesn't help me to like the song any more than I do. DAY6 has been putting out a ton of music, and a lot of great music at that, this year, and I truly do look forward to their releases. Hopefully the next one catches my fancy just a little bit more.