DAY6 - Shoot Me



DAY6 is finally back with a brand new mini album! This is the first that we've seen of them (excluding their very recent Japanese release) since last year when they completed their EVERYDAY6 project. Unfortunately I didn't have time to cover all of those tracks from last year, but as a person that's liked a good portion of their music, I was interested to see what they'd offer us this time around. 

The Song

"Shoot Me" starts off interesting enough - the light crashing of cymbals and reggae-esque synth chords are definitely not what one would expect after familiarizing with their prior works. On top of that, the descending cascade of vocals plays out smoothly against the bass rhythms. However, when things start pulling toward the chorus, we get a celestial buildup and then a heavily different refrain than the other parts of the song felt like they were headed to. I don't think it's bad to subvert expectations in this way, but I feel like this slight disconnect impacted my enjoyment of the song overall.

I don't think that the song is bad by any means, though, and I actually like both parts when I listen to them separately. I just can't find myself riding the tracks the whole way through without feeling like I hit a slight bump. Other than that one issue, though, I really did love all of the new ideas that DAY6 were tossing around. The darker atmosphere of the verses were really nice and it brought out a side that we've not really heard from them yet. There was a great buildup of emotion and power during the bridge that ultimately coalesced into a nice finish, too.

Additionally, the lyrics had some great meaning to them. On a surface level, especially in coupling this with the presentation in the music video, it's about a relationship between two lovers. However, this can honestly be extrapolated to a multitude of situations, including malicious comments from antis or verbal abuse from friends or family. It's great to see DAY6 tackling a dark topic and doing so in a way that's non-confrontational or offensive, yet it will still get the message out there. 

Overall it's definitely a track that I can see coming back to, though maybe not as often as I was hoping for.

The Video

The video takes things to a more literal degree with the song's lyrics, though no guns are actually shown. Still, it's very clear that the story going on is that this woman, as well as all of her friends behind her, have been taking shots at Jae for a while. Then, at the end of the video he finally fires back, and they all act surprised and shocked, and as if he were some kind of monster for doing such. 

As I mentioned when I was talking about the lyrics, there's a few ways to interpret the meaning. Personally I'd like to believe that this is more about haters and antis always trying to attack groups to get a rise out of them. The big reason I thought this was the case is because of how the woman (and her friends) reacted at the end. She simply by checks herself and makes sure she was fine.She wasn't acting shocked at all as though she'd been waiting for that exact thing to happen. 

In any case, the music video is left up to an individual interpretation, and that's always the best way to keep things, in my opinion. I love the colors used, especially because they saved the more extreme stuff for when the explosive stuff starts, and I think that it's stylized in a way that pretty much screams DAY6. Overall, it's a great video for fans and newcomers alike, and I think it'll be one to come back to sometime down the line.


"Shoot Me" is definitely a different approach than I was expecting DAY6 to take, but it's one that leaves me looking forward to their future releases even more than I already have been. There's a host of new ideas, some executed better than others, but there's still a very real attempt at pushing the band's boundaries even further. DAY6 is always a recommended listen if you enjoy rock groups, and this song is no different in that regard.