DIA - WooWoo



DIA is an eight-member girl group under MBK Entertainment (formerly known as Core Contents Media, don't think that anybody has forgotten). Between several member lineup changes and just the classic management capabilities of the company, it's been a pretty rough ride for the group and for their fans alike. It's been nearly 10 months since they had their last comeback, and while a few of their members have managed to grab some spotlight for themselves, the group as a whole still seems to be outside of the mainstream public view. I didn't have a chance to catch many teasers or anything for this comeback, so I basically went in blind.

The Song

Going into this without having heard any teasers probably was the best way to approach this one. I think if I'd heard anything prior to, I'd be even more disappointed with the end result. This song, if I could just describe it as briefly as possible, is flat. It's extremely one-note throughout, and there's only one brief variation for the second verse, and it's an incredibly minor shift even. The vocals are tuned down in a way that they practically blend into the instrumental, making the song even that much more difficult for me to find myself snapping into it. It's not a bad song, it's just also not that great of a song. 

It's essentially just like Tinashe's "Superlove," just without the energy or bite to the vocal melodies that make it interesting enough to keep you focused throughout it. In fact, the two tracks are so instrumentally similar that I wouldn't be surprised if there were accusations of plagiarism surrounding this comeback. I'm not suggesting that DIA are at fault, though. It's obviously the producers of this track and/or their company that should be blamed, the girls are just doing their best with what they were given. It's just that what they were given was quite likely stolen.

I have to admit, if this is the last that we hear from DIA, it's going to be a damn shame. They've had some fantastic tracks in the past that deserved more attention than they got, and to have this as their last, in my opinion, wouldn't do the group justice. 

The Video

Well, let's start with the positives for the video. First and foremost, most of the girls look great. I love the outfits and the color palettes overall, though I will say that the red and white ones look a bit awkward as beachwear. The screen time for each member seemed to be pretty evenly split, and I even noticed that Eunice seemed to have more focus than ever before, which made for a pleasant surprise.

Concept-wise, things are fairly bland this time around, sadly. It's the typical standard stuff that you would expect if you heard that a group was going to be having a summer comeback. Beach and/or poolside scenes, house parties, some kind of sparkler nonsense at night. It's a checklist of everything you would imagine.

Of course there's the random imagery at the end of the video that begs for a deeper meaning than is actually presented, but here's my take. Since this may or may not be the group's last comeback, not answering the phonecall is similar to the public not responding to basically any of DIA's attempts at grasping their attention. Yes, I think it's that dark, dramatic, and depressing of a metaphor packed into a random two-second scene at the end of this video. It's not too surprising, either, as for the rest of the video it's essentially the girls going from bright eyed and happy to blank faced and possibly upset. 

Alright, I won't dig too much further into that because we have a much more pressing matter to talk about within the context of this video. What in the hell are the girls presenting in this video and pretending it's pizza? Because that is absolutely NOT pizza. That is some Frankenstein amalgamation of an aliens' approximation of what pizza is and nothing less than exactly that. Seriously, that is the nastiest freaking pizza I have ever seen in any video ever, and I would never eat a slice of it. It looks rubbery, there's no toppings, there looks to be little if any sauce beneath the paper thin layer of cheese, the crust is just as minimal. That is the saddest creation in the image of pizza that I could imagine. Even a microwaved Totino's party pizza doesn't look that unappealing.

Similarly to what I said about the song, I'd be pretty sad if this was DIA's last music video. There could have been so much more going on here than MBK gave them, and they've definitely done better in the past conceptually. 


"WooWoo" is a song that honestly had me bored even during my first time listening to it. Much like MBK has pushed them to do in the past, DIA follows the trend of attempting the minimalist style of music, but similar to my gripes with them in the past, present nothing new to add to the genre. I'll be shocked if this song pulls them out of the ditch, and even more surprised if this song doesn't get accusations for plagiarism. I don't think I can really recommend this one to anybody. I sincerely hope that DIA gets another chance and that this isn't going to be the last we see of them.