DPR LIVE - Playlist



DPR LIVE is a rapper under Dream Perfect Regime, which is what the DPR before his name stands for. He debuted last year with an unbelievably fantastic album, and even followed it up with another one shortly after. Since then, I've kept up with all of his releases and I still constantly find myself wanting to listen to his entire discography to this day. He already had a comeback earlier this year, though I didn't have a chance to fully review it, and I was still under the same impression and opinion that I held previously. Going into "Playlist," which I hadn't even known about prior to today, I expected nothing less than perfection.

The Song

Within the first ten seconds of this song I was already in love with DPR LIVE all over again. There is just a specific type of vibe that he brings to every one of his tracks. I don't know if he's just managed to find a formula that simply works or what, but I'll be damned if I wasn't vibing with this song almost instantly. The jungle-like sort of drum pattern coupled with the sections of brief synth tones and piano bits instantly pulled me into the track while his raps and flows kept me there indefinitely.

There's definitely some Latin influences present throughout the track with that samba-styled percussion and especially the frantic piano cascades during that jazzy bossa nova bridge. Speaking of, I really loved how the piano pieces of the song were so subtle and yet instrumentally in keeping this song feeling cohesive, especially towards the end. I really don't think that I can say a single negative thing about this track. It's another jewel in the crown that cements and continues to reaffirm DPR LIVE's rapid takeover of the Korean hip-hop scene.

The Video

The video is less impressive than the song itself, but I'm not honestly sure what all you can expect from a hip-hop music video. That being said, the video is still incredibly fun and full of exotic color schemes that aren't overboard. There's a lot of playful ideas at work with the implementation of trippy-esque walls and floors that play tricks on the eye, but more notably the backgrounds and settings all align with the general exotic vibe of the song. I'd honestly be surprised if somebody doesn't take issue with the use of cultural themes and concepts from outside of Korea, but personally I can tell this is a homage and is done out of respect and enjoyment, not out of disrespect or parody.

The use of umbrellas as props during the bridge made for a really beautiful moment that is hard to describe. It's not something that's advertently or explicitly memorable, but it sticks out from everything else in the video in such a way that it manages to become just that. It's a contrast that just sticks out in a really nice way while also adhering to enough of the themes and ideas going on in the video that it's not discordant or clashing. While the video really doesn't have much in the way of a message or plot that I can tell, the visuals were more than enough to keep my entertained.


"Playlist" serves to continue DPR LIVE's impressive and growing list of unique, interesting songs of a quality and caliber so high that I'd dare to call unrivaled in the current scene. Seriously, it seems as though the man can do no wrong at this point. If you've enjoyed any of his previous tracks or if you're just a fan of hip-hop looking for a new jam, this one will undoubtedly please.