Dreamcatcher - PIRI



It’s a brand new year, but it’s been almost a full five months since we’d last seen Dreamcatcher back when they released “What”. They did release another anniversary song for the fans, but unfortunately it wasn’t accompanied by a music video again, so I opted out of reviewing it. Nevertheless, this is their new comeback, and it seems like this is the final time we’ll be seeing the girls take on the “nightmare” concept. I kind of thought that was what the last album signified, but hey, I really don’t mind since they absolutely own this concept and no other group even tries to compete with that.

The Song

I feel like this is sonically the most diverse track that we’ve gotten out of Dreamcatcher yet, at least in terms of title tracks. There’s a lot more experimentation going on in this than they’ve done in the past and I have to believe that’s a hint of where we can expect the girls to go in the future. Since this is the last time we’ll be getting a nightmare concept, it makes sense that there will shifts into new genres to garner new fans and push their discography into new boundaries. Instead of hearing this song as the final nightmare song, I actually heard it as more of a preview of what’s to come, which I thought was interesting, but it’s also exciting.

We got to see Gahyeon seriously take center stage when she rapped, pairing up with Dami in a way that we hadn’t heard before and giving the group a new dynamic to work with. We got to see a slightly less restrained vocal demonstration, with a bit more power punched into every delivery in an effortless manner. We saw the girls work with some different instrumental ideas in a good variety of ways, each handling it well. Overall, we really just got to see a new side to Dreamcatcher that makes a fantastic statement for the girls’ future musical endeavors. (Yes, it’s not particularly new for fans that delve into B-sides, but this is a title track we’re talking about.)

All of those praises aside, I do have to admit that this song wasn’t much my cup of tea. I’ve never been a big fan of whistling, and while it’s technically a flute, it’s pretty close to being a whistle. I’m also not a fan of chanting choruses which is essentially the entirety of what we got for this song alongside that instrumental, so overall it just wasn’t destined to be a song for me. The “PIRI” lyrics where they constantly repeat the latter consonant really lacked the impact I was hoping for, too, but I did love the part just before that. The verses were fine but felt a little forgettable, and overall I don’t think the song really felt like it was building up to anything or going anywhere past the initial intro. I’m sure that this type of song works for a ton of people out there, but for me it’s not as appealing as their past releases.

The Video

I’ll forever be amazed at how K-pop somehow manages to step up the visual game each and every time there’s a comeback. I feel like the visual upgrades within even a matter of a few months are absolutely insane, and this video only convinces me further of that. I can not wait to see the girls performing in those black and red outfits, I need more of that in my life ASAP. They seriously killed the visuals this time around, which I feel like I say every time, but there it is.

Anywho, before I talk about anything, I need to talk about the clever pun that the video opens up on. For those that don’t know, a ‘piri’ is a flute, and the first part of the word ‘pi’ can translate to blood in Korean. So, when Yoohyeon picks up that strange horn on the chair at the start and then blood starts pouring out from it, it’s actually a really cool idea, even if it is something simple. That’s all I wanted to get out of my system before jumping forward here.

From what I can gather in terms of a story going on this time, it seems like each of the girls has a doppelganger of themselves.. past that, I’m not sure. Perhaps their doppelgangers are the ones who pulled them into that weird maze/asylum place in the first place, and they’re just remembering that? I really can’t tell past the whole doubles idea, sadly. I assume their doppelgangers are evil, seeing as they keep reaching out and trying to pull them into what I’m guessing are alternate dimensions. Really, though, it’s kind of all just guesswork because we don’t get too much other information in the video. If I had to hazard a guess, perhaps this is symbolic of how Dreamcatcher are finally putting this concept away - locked away while a new form of themselves emerges to replace it. It’s a cool idea, but maybe I’m entirely off on that interpretation.

Overall, the video follows in step with their releases until now, keeping with those horror vibes, dark imagery, and fantastic choreography. I’m excited to see how this will look on stage, too, so this did an excellent job of making me want to watch stages for a song that I don’t particularly enjoy.


The final installment of Dreamcatcher’s nightmare concept seems to be more of an introduction of things to come rather than an epilogue to their story thus far. With tons of new elements worked into the base concept they’ve been working on and perfecting since debut, things are looking fantastic for the girls. I’m not the biggest fan of the song, but the video is excellent as always, and if you’ve enjoyed even one single song from Dreamcatcher in the past, I’d highly recommend giving this one a go.