Dreamcatcher - YOU AND I



Dreamcatcher is the latest girl group to come out of Happy Face Entertainment. While technically they're a reformation and rebranding of MINX, the seven-member girl group has found their niche in the market by carving one out for themselves in the form of having heavier rock influences. Their sound is very distinct and unique because of this, and I've found myself loving all of their releases up until now. I'll admit, however, that I was hoping for them to prove themselves capable of retaining their characteristic sound while pulling at least a little away from it. 

The Song

"YOU AND I" does exactly what I was hoping for, leaving a lot of the electric guitars behind simply for the chorus and instead driving the song with some low bass tones and piano notes. The addition of some classical string instruments just before the heavier rock sections was a fantastic contrast, and one that felt inherently different from when they've previously so in the past with tracks like "Fly high" and "Full Moon." In fact, the way that the whole song brings that similar contrast between the verses and the chorus is done gorgeously. It helped to bring an air of mystery in a dramatic fashion that I loved here.

This song overall feels a lot less like an anime opening track, which has often been a praise of their songs in the past. Instead, this song feels a lot more like a straight out Japanese rock band. Neither are negative things either, especially in the sea of trendy K-pop songs that are mainstream. I've loved Dreamcatcher's sound and breakaway style since debut, and I still love it now. The chorus is so energetic and I just can't seem to get enough of it, so the pre-chorus buildup to it definitely pays off. All in all, "YOU AND I" is a fantastic followup to all of their previous releases, and it breaks away enough from their past singles to be noticeably separate while remaining cohesive within their discography.

The Video

Alright, we need to take a minute and just thank whoever was in charge of the choreography for this song. The props are killer and bring such a nice flair to the dance. I'm really curious to see how Dami's staff plays out on stage, though, as she doesn't seem to have it the whole time. That part really reminded me of VIXX's "VOODOO DOLL," which probably has some of my favorite choreography of all time, so that was a definite plus. Dreamcatcher hasn't really disappointed with their videos in the past, and I'm glad to say that "YOU AND I" doesn't disappoint in that department.

I love that they're still fleshing out this storyline that they've had since their debut, and I think that it's pretty awesome to have four music videos now that are all intertwined with a single story arc. This time around we get a glimpse at what seems to be an attempt at saving Yooheyon's soul after she falls prey to a spider (likely a reference to the spider she burned in "Fly high") demon. Yoohyeon's silver hair makes so much sense for this music video in that context, and I loved how much it fit in with the aesthetics of the video overall. The colors used are gorgeous yet foreboding, and that contrast provides a subtle parallel to the dynamics of the song. Overall, there's a ton to gleam from this video, as per usual with Dreamcatcher, and even moreso if you're going to try and connect the story pieces from the past together with this one.


Dreamcatcher nailed it in every facet with "YOU AND I." The visuals, the dance props, the melody progressions, the vocals - they all come together for a symphony of delicious darkness. With "Full Moon" earlier this year and now this song, the girls are already claiming stake to multiple spots as theirs for my top songs of the year. If you dig a harder-hitting rock sound, or if you've enjoyed any of their past releases, I doubt that this one will disappoint you at all.

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