DreamNote - DREAM NOTE



DreamNote is an eight-member girl group under iMe KOREA. I was fairly unfamiliar with them and any of their members, though I know that a few of them were contestants on the now infamous MIXNINE reality show. I didn’t have time to check into the teasers or anything like that leading up to this, and seeing as this was a brand new group, I didn’t really have any expectations. I hoped that it wouldn’t be a stereotypical schoolgirl concept with an innocently cutesy vibe of a song, and that was about it.

The Song

Well, I got about half of what I was wanting. This song is the type of stereotypical cute that I was afraid of, though it definitely lands pretty far into the cute territory. Overly so, even. That, however, isn’t bad, and I actually really enjoyed how cute it was - at least at the start. As the song started to progress, however, things started to feel a lot more jumbled and hectic than they initially did.

I really loved the verses for this song. They were fun, dynamic, and irresistibly catchy. Yes, they were on the simple side, but sometimes keeping things simple is really the way to go. However, once the song hits that chorus, I feel like things stopped working for me. There was a lot more of trying to show that this group has powerful vocals, which it does, but it sort of affected the music. It stopped being catchy for me right as we got into that chorus, and instead just felt a bit too noisy. By the time I got to the odd mix of various rock styles, I was just so confused and turned off, and then by the end of the song there’s saxophones booming in from nowhere. I know that a lot of people enjoy the random genre introductions in the middle of songs, but that just isn’t for me.

All in all, however, I feel like this debut was a lot more interesting than i was expecting, and this as a title track served its purpose in getting me to want to know more about the group. I would have been checking into the mini-album either way, but I feel like this is the kind of song that would have that effect on a solid amount of people.

The Video

On the video side of things, I think that the school concept wasn’t quite the full concept, so it’s not fair to say that they went with that. Instead, there’s a healthy mix of a scenes occurring in what appears to be in a school, along with the expected school outfits, and some other random hallways of colors and playful ideas. The pseudo face painting section was definitely something that stood out for me, though there was also the section where two members got their hair braided together and had to work with one another to move. It’s a small thing, but that’s obviously symbolic of how their lives are now intertwined and they’ll need to do things together from here on out.

All in all, this video was okay. There was a good amount of screen time for each member, at least as best I could tell without being too familiar with them, and I think it had a solid amount of charm to it in general. I’m not sure that it stood out with a particularly unique vibe if you take it all individually, but I think that when it’s all put together it feels like something just a little bit different than what you normally get.


DreamNote probably won’t be making a big splash with debut, in my opinion. The timing of it being mixed in with all of the major November releases alongside the fact that it’s almost a standard-style debut would certainly have me to believe that at least. Throw in the fact that they’re from a company that isn’t already a major player, and that these girls haven’t had the same level of exposure via reality shows as other groups, and I think that even if this had been the best debut of all time they wouldn’t see much attention given to them from the general Korean public. Still, I actually think a lot more people would enjoy this than will end up checking it out, which is a shame, but I wish them all the luck in the world.