Eddy Kim - Trace



It’s been almost a full six months since Eddy Kim hit us with his last song, “whoa whoa.” I didn’t actually expect him to be releasing another track so soon after, but hey, I’m definitely not complaining. He’s one of my favorite male solo artists after all. I unfortunately didn’t have time to check out any teasers for this, though, but I went into this expecting something a little bit on the slower side of things, mainly because of the timing. It’s Fall and nearly Winter, so it just seemed to make sense that the song would fit into more of the general sounds of that time of year.

The Song

My guess was fairly accurate, as this is another one of Eddy Kim’s tracks that follow a much more somber, mellow path. There’s still some groovy elements going on instrumentally, but with those soft, smooth vocals hitting you with raw emotional pull, there’s no mistaking this as anything other than a song of someone that is pining for a lost love. Seriously, I always melt when I hear his voice, but every time that he releases something new, it’s like an entirely new wave of appreciation hits me.

I wouldn’t say that this is a song that’s going to be dominating my top 100 for the year, but I still really enjoyed it. It’s something that hits you emotionally in a different way than most K-pop tracks tend to, and I’ll never not be envious of Eddy Kim’s pure talent. This song definitely has me excited to check into the rest of the album, too, so hopefully I can clear some time up and get a full review of that out before too long.

The Video

The video is really intriguing. The way that it grips you especially on your first watch is magical. It’s got a sense of curiosity and mystery just oozing out of it. If you’re looking for a basic explanation of what’s going on, here’s my take. Essentially Eddy and his girlfriend have broken up, and that’s fairly obvious throughout the video. What isn’t, however, is that this has caused a rather literal split in Eddy’s heart. Half of him wishes to go back and fix everything with this girl, while his other half is trying to move forward with his life.

When we see objects floating around, seemingly moving on their own, this is actually Eddy’s doing. Think of it as kind of like Edward Norton and Bard Pitt in Fight Club. They’re two different characters, but actually two sides of the same person. In this case, though, Eddy is fully aware that it’s himself, and he is incapable of coming to terms with his heart seemingly wanting two opposing things. It’s a really simple story, but it’s told with finesse and subtlety, and the visual imagery is wonderful in doing that.

Overall, I liked this video. It was more on the basic side in terms of story, sure, but the director took something simple and added some interesting elements to expand on those ideas in ways that were visually fascinating.


I don’t think I can ever fault Eddy Kim for his music. This is a track that you would definitely expect out of him. Even though he’s been doing the R&B genre style of music for quite some time, he always manages to bring something new to the table with every release, and you’ll find yourself fawning over his voice each time. “Trace” is a great slow jam if you’re a fan of R&B, so I definitely recommend checking this one out.