Eddy Kim - whoa whoa



Eddy Kim is a solo artist under Mystic Entertainment. He's been active since 2014, shortly after coming into the public light from the television show Superstar K. On a personal level, Eddy Kim's released several songs that I've loved, and I've always really been into his style in general. He's been releasing music pretty consistently since his debut, so it's only been a few months since his last release, but I was still really ecstatic to be checking into "whoa whoa."

The Song

This song threw me for a bit of a loop when I first heard it, mainly because the mixing had a majority of the sound playing through the left side so I thought my headphones had broke. It was certainly interesting to have the song have a focus on one side, though I'm not entirely sure that it added to my listening experience on the whole. I personally feel that it worked best when it was used to have the harmonizing vocals on the opposing side, but otherwise I could have done without it.

Musically, this is a more of a calming, unwinding song to chill out with. I loved that the song had Eddy's voice leading the charge, with the guitar melody subdued throughout. The bits of scatting from Eddy were particularly catchy, and the chorus had his particular flair that I love written all over it. As per usual, his voice was graceful and pleasing, and every part after the bridge came in was superb. Even though this was a slower song, it's catchy and sleek enough to have listeners sing along with, and I personally liked this release a lot.

The Video

If you're a fan of Eddy Kim's visuals, this video is going to be right up your alley. A large majority of this video was simply focused on Eddy sitting down on either a bed, a chair, or a couch, all in fairly simple rooms. There were a few cartoony parts to add some flavor to what would otherwise be an extremely simple video, but a majority of the entertainment that one can gleam from this comes simply from Eddy Kim's personal charm. 

Admittedly, I'm a little disappointed on the video side of things. As great as it is to see Eddy Kim, I wish there was something meatier to dig into here. "Bet on me" had a video with lots of personality and quirkiness even though the entire video as a concept was similarly simple and limited in location, so I know he's fully capable. Hopefully next time we get something with a bit more to it.


"whoa whoa" continues Eddy Kim's style of smooth, classy jams that fans can easily recognize as his work. While I was disappointed with how short the video ended up coming, the song itself is more of the focal point and I did end up really enjoying it. If you like softer, jazzier songs with buttery smooth vocals, be sure to give Eddy Kim's new song some love.