ELRIS - Pow Pow



ELRIS is a five-member girl group that debuted earlier this year in June with "We, First." Sadly, the song didn't seem to make a very big splash amidst the many other things going on during that time. Now the group is back with their new song "Pow Pow" and are looking to grab some more focus towards their music. As for my personal feelings, I also did not really enjoy their debut song, especially when it came so close after member Sohee's impressive debut. The massive difference between the styles of music lost my interest in the song, so I was hoping that "Pow Pow" would change my thoughts.

The Song

The song opens up with some odd robot voices though it immediately shifts to a cheery electric guitar section while a few members ask "what is love?" There's an immediate sense of high energy presented in a quick drumbeat that stays throughout a majority of the song. In fact, the only times that this song shows any signs of slowing are during the bridge and pre-chorus, both of which serve strictly to leave the viewer reeling from a dizzying flurry of upbeat vocals and rich instrumentals. "Pow Pow" is a nearly non-stop roller coaster that assaults the listener's ears with tons of sticky vocals and an underused set of instruments in the current state of K-pop. 

I feel like this song is what you would get if Girls' Day's "Darling" and Laboum's "Shooting Love" had a baby. It's loud without being abrasive, and it's in your face without feeling suffocating. It has one of the catchiest choruses that I've heard all year, and there are so many sections that sound like they would be so fun to do a fan chant for. Overall I'd say that if this was the song ELRIS had debuted with, I think I would be a lot more interested in them, and I don't doubt that might hold true for others. It definitely has me eager to check out the mini album, too, so I'll likely do a review on that thanks to this title track.

The Video

Immediately as the video starts, you get an eyeful of super vibrant colors. This is another video from that's gone for the more stylized cartoonish kind of aesthetic. This time around we're given a storefront, the interior of the store, and some kind of bedroom of sorts as our backdrops. There's a pretty cool use of the members' names to replace brand names in the store parts of the video, which promotes the girls individually without it feeling overly obnoxious. The video is fairly basic aside from that, really, with the girls mostly dancing or doing some kind of cutesy action across the different sets.

Since a majority of the video is actually focused on the dance, I thought I'd like to get into that a bit. During the chorus, the little hop they do when they sing "pow pow" and the spin when for "tornado" part are both so adorable. The little air guitar parts that open the song and start the chorus are also really cute. The spelling of L-O-V-E with gestures has been done before, but it works really well for that addictive "love love love love" part. The choreography is well done and adds to the song by reflecting the ridiculously positive sound visually. This video might not be the most creative one, but I think it does the song justice in terms of matching audio and visual concepts, and that went a long way for me this time around.


This song is so upbeat and fun that I couldn't help but enjoy myself as I listened to it. I always have songs on repeat while I'm writing up my reviews to make sure that what I say is what I mean, but this song is such a blast that I still haven't gotten tired of listening to it. I may have lost some interest in ELRIS due to their choice in debut song, but "Pow Pow" has pulled me straight back. The video was fun, the song was fun, and I think that a lot of this year was lacking some of that flavor amidst the more serious, gritty music. I hope that ELRIS has a bigger impact this time around, and I'm excited to check out their next comeback.