ELRIS - Summer Dream



It's been a whole nine months since we'd last seen ELRIS. Their last comeback, "Pow Pow" shifted me from having a mild interest in the group to very much looking forward to their return. Unfortunately, while checking out the teasers for this comeback, I started to teeter off and get the sense that they were going to fall back onto a style that I personally am just not a fan of. Still, I went in and had my hopes up to be proven wrong.

The Song

Well.. I wasn't really proven wrong at any point during the song. Let me start by saying that it's not a bad song - it's certainly not offensive on the ears or anything. But it's also not a great song, or anything that I simply just haven't heard before. It had a very Apink kind of sound and vibe to it overall with the fluffy, whipped synths and smacking hip-hop drumbeats, and I've just never been the biggest fan of that kind of music to begin with. If you like that stuff, I'm not here to tell you it's bad or anything of the sort.

Since I don't have much critique on the song itself, I'd rather just comment a bit on how I wish they would have stuck with their more vibrant concept from "Pow Pow." I don't mind softer styled songs, but this one just falls on the side of being exclusively passive. It doesn't really have much of interest to keep you hooked, and since this style of sound isn't really new, I really don't see it having the same impact that APINK had back when they did it. Again, I don't hate the song or anything, but in my opinion I just don't think it's going to bring many new fans to them.

The Video

As should be expected of most K-pop music videos, "Summer Dream" does a fantastic job of making the girls all look amazing. Additionally, the whole video has a light filter over it that makes everything look rather dreamy, which does seem to match the title of the song and overall concept. The locales are as should be expected from a summer song - the beach, the pool, and a few other random settings that are surrounded by healthy vegetation to look refreshing and revivifying. 

Similarly to the song, I kind of wish they went with a more vivid visual style. They had some great outfits during the choreography segments, but the filter made all of the colors seem a bit washed out instead of bright and popping. I think that even though the oversaturated look has been overplayed in general, it hasn't been done well that often, and ELRIS had it down perfectly in their previous comeback, so it's a little disappointing to see it fall to the wayside this time around. There's really not much to talk about than that for this video, so I'll just leave it at that.


"Summer Dream" pulls away from the sound and style of "Pow Pow" and instead implements elements from something more akin their debut. Sadly, the switch back to this kind of concept dropped my interest in the group back to a minimum, I think. I'll still be looking into their comebacks, I just don't think that I'll be too excited now that it's at a ratio where they have more titles that I just don't enjoy compared to the ones that I do. If you enjoy Apink's music generally, I think you'll absolutely love this song, but I don't think I'd recommend it past that.