Eric Nam - Honestly...



Eric Nam is a solo artist under B2M Entertainment. He's a proficient vocalist that also writes music, and in my opinion he's kind of underrated for how talented he is. Regardless, I'll be upfront and admit that he's one of my favorite solo male artists, and I really wanted to review this new track. The last time we'd seen Eric on the scene was back in 2016 when he released "Can't Help Myself." For the most part, I've really liked his upbeat and funkier tracks moreso than his slower songs, but I wasn't necessarily expecting this song to be one way or the other.

The Song

We're all well aware of how talented Eric Nam is as a singer, but in "Honestly..." he restrains himself and leaves the powerful vocals behind for more emotional pull. Instrumentally we've got a mix of both plain guitar and synth, giving a fairly western pop vibe to the song overall. While I personally am not too into this kind of sound overall, it makes sense for Eric to go for this style since he is going on a North American tour soon. His voice certainly pulls more weight for me here than the instrumentals do, though.

There's a fantastic display of Eric Nam's ability to adapt and smoothly blend his voice into several different genres, and I think that's probably the greatest part of this song. His voice definitely suits this style of music, and while the style may not particularly appeal to me, I can see what a lot of people do enjoy about it. 

The Video

On the video side of things, I think that this video was a bit plainer than I was hoping for. After "Can't Help Myself" being so quirky and chock full of Eric's charm, I had high expectations. Still, the video is more than enough to suffice fans, I think. There are so many shots of Eric looking gorgeous as usual, and that certainly helps viewers focus and get pulled in. 

Story-wise it's fairly plain. It seems to be a tale of Eric going on a trip to what I believe is Mexico, and it's mostly just him dancing through the streets. Sadly none of the shots seem like candid ones from an actual vacation, but it's still great to see a change in scenery from most K-pop videos at the moment. The colors in the video are full and beautiful, but not over-exaggerated in any way. There were some seriously beautiful shots in this video, and while it was on the simple side, I did find it to be enjoyable enough that I didn't get bored while watching.


This is by no means my favorite song from Eric Nam, but I do think that it's a solid track that will appeal to the international audience on a fairly wide scale. This combined with the release of "Potion" from the other day, has me excited to check out the mini-album. I'll be doing a review on that later this week, so be sure to check back. If you're a fan of western pop, you'll almost certainly dig this track. 

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