EXID - Lady



EXID hardly needs an introduction by this point, but for those that somehow managed to remain unaware of them to this point, they are a five-member girl group under Banana Culture Entertainment. Their last few comebacks have noticeably been missing member Solji due to her undergoing an orbital decompression surgery. Regardless, the other members are still pumping out tracks for fans and this time around they decided to take a stab at the new jack swing genre. 

The Song

As could be expected from the new jack swing moniker, this song is doused with a 90's-inspired vibe through and through. The instrumentals hearken back to that time without a doubt, and the vocals follow up on that. The pre-chorus is a bit more modernized than what I was expecting, but it still flows well with the other pieces. The chorus really nailed the sound they were going for, especially those brassy horns. Honestly everything about this song reminded me of the various girl groups from when I was growing up.

All that being said, I have to admit that overall I wasn't as impressed as I was hoping for with this song. While everything does what it's supposed to do in order to conform to the style they wanted, almost nothing in particular jumps out as specifically memorable. The exception that I'll give here is towards the end of the song when the "baby let's get it, boy don't fake it" lyrics happen. I wish that this had taken place of the chorus, as I think it would have been a lot catchier. Still, I don't think the song is bad, just not great like I was hoping. Don't misunderstand me, though - I actually love the song. It's just that I think in the long-term, it won't be something I'll often come back to.

The Video

Similarly to the song, everything about this video also aims to shoot you back into past. There's a fairly obvious filter over everything in attempts of recreating the lower quality of video that was standard for the time, and the outfits of all of the girls and their backup dancers are also trying to spark that sensation. If you weren't alive back then and are wondering if people legitimately dressed this way, I'll tell you flat out that we did. And it's obviously still cool since EXID are doing it now.

Jokes aside, the video obviously amplified the atmosphere for the song and twisted it into a feast of pure nostalgia. There were some shots here and there where candid smiles were shown, and it really seems that EXID enjoyed making this song and video, which is also a big bonus for me. I have to admit that I was quite satisfied with the locales chosen for this song, as they actually went all out in attempts of replicating the style of video from that time. Obviously the girls all look fantastic, even in lower fidelity. Overall the video falls kind of into a same hitch that I felt the song had, which is that it was kind of just okay instead of great.


While I may not be overly impressed with the video or song, I will credit them for trying something different out. This is especially great to me, as I've previously thought that it seemed like they always kind of remade similar songs to ones that they've previously done. "Lady" helps break up the mold that I feel EXID has cast upon themselves and shakes things up in a fun, fresh way. If you're a 90's baby and/or always reminisce on the music of that era, definitely give this song a listen.