EXO-CBX - Blooming Day



EXO-CBX is the first subunit to come out from the massively popular boy group EXO. They debuted back in 2016, and this marks their second comeback since then. I personally enjoyed "Hey Mama!" a lot more than "Ka-CHING!," but I didn't think that the latter was too bad either. I'd venture to say that I'm a fan of EXO, and as such, I was looking forward to EXO-CBX's comeback.  

The Song

This song was definitely not what I was expecting, and yet it managed to retain a very EXO-CBX feel to it. There's a familiarity in the funky, electronic sound that SM has been experimenting with for the past few years, and it worked just as excellently here as it has in the past. My biggest critique is that during the chorus the instrumentals feel like they were supposed to be a bit more in the foreground, but it kind of created an interesting and unexpected dynamic that I also enjoyed, so it's not really a negative thing at all.

As one should be expecting vocally, EXO-CBX delivers. The power note at the bridge was absolutely gorgeous. The combination of hushed singing and the quick pace provided extra texture and flavor to the normally sung notes during the chorus. This song was almost minimalistic in how much production there was. It's not that it has low production values, moreso that it wasn't overly produced on any fronts. All in all, the song was catchy and fun, and I did enjoy it. 

The Video

The video was a bit more wild than the song was, and there was some seriously weird imagery going on. As best as I can interpret it, the flowers are representative of love blooming. That obviously goes along with the question and theme of the boys apparently wanting to be your boyfriend, and also some of the follow-up imagery. My best example is probably when Xiumin is laying down surrounded by glasses of water. Water is necessary for flowers to bloom, and hence he's surrounded by things to help grow your love for him. There are other scenes that I can cite, but just rewatch the MV and you'll see what I'm getting at.

In terms of how I felt about the MV, I dug it enough. I really enjoyed watching them step in groove together, and a lot of the choreography looked fantastic. While some of the fashion choices were a bit questionable, I think most were acceptable and moreso, memorable. In particular I really liked the outfits with the word "Paris" spelled upside down. My personal tastes favor a logical and cohesive theme, without having all of the outfits necessarily be the same, and I think that's exactly what we got for this comeback. 


Overall, this is another solid track from EXO-CBX, and it definitely has me interested in checking out the new mini-album. Every song from this subunit has been within the same framework of an idea, and yet each one has a distinct sound and feel from one another. If you dug either one of their previous releases, I think you owe it to yourself to give this new one a shot. 

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