Eyedi - Luv Highway



Eyedi is a solo artist under Bace Camp Studio. When I found her a few years back, she seemed pretty underground, and it really jumped out at me how different she was from most of the K-pop music I'd been listening to. This isn't the first time that I've talked about Eyedi, as she was my first (and currently only) Nugu Nugget that I wrote, and basically everything that I said and thought from that time has remained true to this day. When I heard that she was going to be having a comeback, all I wanted was to hear something new from her.

The Song

It's immediately apparent that "Luv Highway" pulls away from the previous styles that Eyedi's done. The use of acoustic guitar was surprising to say the least, but it matched superbly with her softer buttery tone of voice for this track. Atmospheric retro-styled synths fill up a lot of space as well, and they mesh gorgeously with the aforementioned guitar melodies. It all culminates into a relaxing, romantic wave of music that washes over you in a gentle and soothing manner.

"Luv Highway" is certainly not what I was expecting to hear from Eyedi, but I think that's probably a good thing. When I know exactly what to expect from an artist, it takes away a lot from the experience of listening to a new song. Instead I got something that was a pleasant surprise. I don't think that this song is going to top my list of favorite tracks from her, but I like that she's showing her versatility and exploring new avenues for herself as an artist.

The Video

The video is more of a short theatrical film than anything, though the lack of plot seemed to negate the typical reason to have such a format. It was great to watch a much more happy and lovey-dovey type of video, especially because most videos these days seem to focus on heavier-natured concepts or at the very least they'll introduce conflict that sour the mood even if just for a short bit. "Luv Highway" is strictly just a video of Eyedi going out on a date with some lucky guy.

While the video seems relatively boring on the surface, I think that there's a few really great takeaways from it. First and foremost, Eyedi's acting capability seems to be heavily improved from her previous music videos, and she was incredibly believable in every shot here. She also just looked fantastic in general, which isn't too surprising. The second thing I think that's interesting is that this music video really distances Eyedi further from a majority of the mainstream artists. The style and tone of the video combined with the more romantic overtones is something that idols nearly never show, especially to such a degree, so it was fantastic to see that here. It's not the most exciting video, but that matches the more mellow tone of the song.


"Luv Highway" is another solid track from Eyedi. It deviates from all of her previous works fairly heavily while still retaining enough of her charms to encapsulate the track with a vibe she can call her own. While I'm not over the moon with the end result, I do think that it's a great track for easy listening and relaxing to - something you can listen to on a night drive. If that sounds like it would be up your alley, I definitely recommend checking it out.