FAVORITE is a six-member girl group under ASTORY Entertainment. I really didn’t have too much of an investment in the group. I liked some of their songs from their first two mini-albums, but they never really struck me in a way that would keep me interested past my initial perusing of their discography. I didn’t really check into teasers for this release, either, but I went in with the sole hope that perhaps this song would change that for me.

The Song

While the song is titled “LOCA,” which might at least hint at some kind of Latin inspiration, it’s pretty much entirely absent from this track. Instead, we’re landing somewhere between tropical vibes and what I can really only describe as more of a middle eastern trumpeting. It’s basically the major trends of the past three or so years tossed together and stirred into an oddly likable shake. Admittedly, though, they had some similar middle eastern ideas even back when they debuted with “PARTY TIME.”

I will say that normally this kind of bizarre combination of trends and genres doesn’t really do much for me, but with this many ideas coming together, you’d expect an absolute mess. Instead, it’s actually a pretty palatable presentation. While individually these ideas aren’t all that unique, I think that the use of all of them in a single song actually does make this stand out on the creative side.

I do like the song, more than I expected to even, but I do also think that it’s only good. It’s not great, it’s not mind-blowing, and it’s definitely not a game changer in my opinion. It certainly doesn’t need to be any of those things, of course, but if FAVORITE wants to push further into the heavily-dominated girl group scene, I think that they’ll need a song stronger than this to do so.

The Video

The video was surprisingly well put together for a group that falls more under the nugu category. There was a great use of colors to express different emotions as well as time frames, and I think that for the most part I was pretty surprised by just how good everything looked in the video. The girls, the outfits, and the scenery were all absolutely gorgeous and I just wasn’t expecting that from a group that isn’t already on the radar for most people.

That aside, I loved lots of the smaller parts of this video, too. The individual member scenes were great, showing off each of the members while also giving us bits of of the concept at a time. The concept on the whole was rather simple - the girls are going crazy ever since they lost a lover. It’s an idea that’s overplayed for sure, and I didn’t really feel it in this video. I wish that they would have taken the whole “crazy” aspect of this to a more extreme level. Like writing “LOCA” on the mirror isn’t all that crazy really. It would have been really cool to see what kind of direction they went in for a more serious take, too.

All in all, the video is shot well and I loved what I saw out of the choreography. There was a solid balance of individual members, group shots, and the dance, and it was enjoyable for the duration, even if I do wish we just got that extra bit of oomph thrown in.


“LOCA” is a surprisingly digestible blend of multiple genres and ideas all fused into a singular piece. While those concepts and sounds aren’t exactly standouts from other songs, the combination of them here does serve as something to give it a unique flair. However, I don’t think the song is something that I would really recommend past an initial listen, even if you’re a big fan of supporting nugu groups. If you haven’t already, give it a listen, but I wouldn’t expect this to go on repeat for all that many people.