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fromis_9, as the name might suggest, is a nine-member girl group under Stone Music Entertainment, the same entertainment company (branched under CJ E&M) that houses notable names such as Wanna One and Davichi. The group debuted earlier this year, but also had a pre-debut title track towards the end of last year. I didn't officially review either of those tracks, but to be upfront I wasn't the biggest fan of either of them. "To Heart" was decent, but I just couldn't stop hearing Katy Perry's "California Gurls" in it, and "Glass Shoes" just struck me as a very J-Pop type of song, which I've faded out of enjoying. All that being said, I just went in with an open mind and hoped to hear something interesting this time around.

The Song

This song has the bright, cheerful tones that the group has been sticking to up until this point, though whether that's a good or bad thing is likely up to interpretation to the listener. Personally, since I haven't enjoyed their prior releases that have been in a similar vein, it just added to the list of songs from them that I've just been right on the verge of enjoying. There's some great stuff in here that's sticky and sure to be in somebody's head for weeks to come, it's just that the overly cutesy style of song they're going for doesn't appeal to my personal tastes.

It's definitely different from the typical sound of currently popular songs, and I can certainly appreciate at least that aspect of the song. My subsequent listens while preparing this review have only gotten me a bit fonder of the styling and sort of overblown cheerful sound, so I think that by the end of the month I'll be adding this to my favorite songs of June. For now, however, I think that this song is good, but nothing that will end up wowing people or winning them over to sell them on the group as a whole.

The Video

This is easily my favorite part of this comeback. Conceptually this video is such a different approach from almost anything else that's been going on, though there can be parallels drawn to videos such as gugudan's "The Boots," Lim Kim's "Awoo," or even something such as OH MY GIRL's "WINDY DAY." Still, there's a particular style and vibe to this video that helps to keep it as a separate entity from the ones I just listed, and rather than feeling like it was copying ideas or trying to pull from current trends, it just feels fresh and unique.

I did find my issues here and there, such as the color schemes for some of the outfits - the orange tops, red bottoms, and yellow socks honestly just flashed me with thoughts of Winnie The Pooh. The more plain outfits in choreography shots reminded me of GFRIEND's "Navillera," though in fairness they really were just wearing some casual clothes which isn't something that should be tied specifically to a group. 

The choreography did a good job of matching the very upbeat and fun nature of the track, and while the cat ear headbands were a bit too childish for my tastes, it kind of lines up with the age range that would likely find this song appealing. Overall, the video was pretty enjoyable and did a great of being entertaining while also giving fans a great array of gorgeous shots to gleam over.


This song is a bit too much on the bright and cheery side of things to line up with my personal tastes, but even I can't help but admit that it's got a good hook that's sure to be an earworm. On top of that, there's a wonderfully quirky concept to add an extra bit of spice to the mix. If you're a fan of songs that sound more akin a bright, Japanese-styled synth-pop jam, this is one that will be sure to please you. 

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