fromis_9 - LOVE BOMB



It’s been about half a year since we had a comeback from fromis_9.  Since then, I’ve found myself slowly falling into their charms and liking the group and their music more and more, so this comeback was going to be my final test, in a matter of speaking. Would this push me over the edge and finally get me to dive full on into their fandom, learning all of the members and their individual personalities and whatever other nonsensical trivia I could find out?

The Song

I won’t lie, on my first listen through this song I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It felt so in-your-face and non-stop, which tends to be a type of song that just tires me out. However, immediately on my second listen I was already singing along and having a great time. The high energy deliveries in this song definitely work out in a way that helps make the song a lot less frantic than it initially seems. I do wonder if my personal affection for the group is getting in the way of my opinion this time around, but even if it is, I can’t help but find myself growing fonder of this song on each successive listen.

In particular I really loved the rap section of this song, and how it was broken up by some singing in-between. It was a nice break of pace and style without interrupting the actual flow of the song. The chorus is just so fun and the vocal deliveries from each of the members has the right amount of energy behind it. The instrumentals for this track are interesting on their own, too, giving a nice mix of dreamy synth bits and wubby-dubby portions overhead lively percussion.

Overall, I’d say that this song is pretty damn fantastic. If you didn’t like on your first listen and stopped immediately after, I highly recommend giving it another go. It helped me a lot, and now I can see myself having this on repeat for the rest of the year.

The Video

This video was such a refreshing, new idea taken to the most absurd extreme levels of entertainment. There’s a ton of stuff going on throughout this video - from the multitude of cartoony explosive visuals, to the various insane methods these girls are using trying to set off bombs. There’s not a moment where you can really find a second to look away.

There are so many colorful moments in this video, but red does seem to be the most important one, which would make sense as red can be used to represent passionate love. In terms of what in the hell is going on this video, from what I can gather it seems that the girls are looking to set off their ‘love bombs’ and find somebody, but every time that they attempt to it ends up failing. They even try to help one another, but nothing seems to do the trick. And that’s essentially the entire video until the end, where we see all of the girls together and Saerom blows them all up - possibly meaning that together fromis_9 has found love as a group.

I have to say, I absolutely love the concept, and I really dig the styling of the girls for this video. Those red dresses are so bold and I don’t know that I can ever see a red dress again without immediately having my mind dip back to fromis_9 now. So yeah, if you couldn’t tell, I love this video a lot. The fact that the pacing of it even matches the song is also pretty excellent, and there are just way too many cute scenes to name them all. My favorite had to be the Minesweeper gag, though!


fromis_9 continues to find their way into my heart with every comeback, and at this point I’m about ready to just throw down my gauntlet and say that I stan these girls. (Which if you know me at all, is a pretty rare thing for me to say at all.) If you haven’t been paying attention or giving these girls the time of day to check out their music, I highly recommend it. They’re always bringing a very different sound than the rest of the scene, and they have an undeniable signature in each of them. “LOVE BOMB” is only the latest proof of that.